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Buying New & Used Cars

Buying Your Next Used Car
This program is designed to give the used car shopper the information and preparation skills necessary to become a more effective buyer. Included are detailed sections on designing a need-based car profile, dealers and private sellers, and making the deal. Also there is a comprehensive inspection process as well as detailed sections covering the test drive and the mechanic's opinion.
02-4198 36 min. $ 19.95 ©1997

Don't Get Stuck with a Lemon: Smart Consumer's Guide to Buying a Used Car
Want to be a smart consumer? Want to learn how to save yourself thousands of dollars, avoid wasting time and end your frustrations when buying your next used car? You can, with this program.
02-4145 20 min. $ 19.95 ©1996

Drive Home a Better Deal: Insider Secrets On How to Buy Your New Car, Truck or Van for Less!
Car salesman, Peter Spatz found himself in a world of misleading practices. Two years ago, his conscience got the better of him. He decided to gather this inside information so that everyone could take advantage of this powerful information. It shows you step by step how to shop for and buy a new vehicle. You'll learn how to: shop with confidence, save money on financing, find the best buys, get the most for your trade-in, and avoid the tricks of the trade. Watch this video in it's entirety. You'll be prepared to shop without the hassles!
02-8009 55 min. $ 19.95 ©1993

How a Car Is Built: Featuring the Ford Mustang
Go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at the making of an automobile. The fascinating process begins with a 30-ton roll of steel and ends when the finished Mustang drives off the nine-mile assembly line. This new version for adult auto enthusiasts includes dramatic photography, historical footage, and an informative script. Popular Hot Rodding: "A must for anyone into cars, we were fascinated...". Ages 12 and older.
02-4118 31 min. $ 19.95 ©1995 1-887435-01-8

How To Buy A Car or Truck and Not Get Ripped Off - Car Buying 101
Instructional program walking you step by step through the buying process. New vs. used, pricing, warranties, dealership profit, what to expect to pay, what not to pay, charts and other explanatory methods are liberally used. Finance and leasing are also talked about.
02-4115 34 min. $ 19.95 ©1994

How to Buy a Modern Classic Car
This video will take you on a comprehensive, step-by-step journey into the biggest hobby in the world - collectible cars. We will show you how to find, evaluate and buy the car of your dreams.
02-4213 55 min. $ 19.95 ©19

How to Buy a Used Car and Win
Jeff Earl, owner of The Car Doctors Auto Repair, has over 20 years experience in fixing, inspecting and consulting his customers on auto repair and auto purchasing decisions. Now, Jeff brings that experience to the consumer with up-to-date information. This program provides a detailed outline of what to look for when purchasing a used car. Included are 5 "Used Car" checklists to rate each car looked at and assess its value.
02-4113 23 min. $ 24.95 ©1994

Insider's Guide to Buying a New Car
Get all the facts and save thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. An informed consumer is the salesman's worst enemy.
02-8064 38 min. $ 24.95 ©1993

Smart Buyer's Guide to Purchasing A New Car
Nearly an hour of the most valuable information anyone could ask for when purchasing a new car! Tips, suggestions and insights on: how to choose the right car, how to negotiate, financing dos and don'ts, the truth about rebates and incentives and how to keep it simple. Basically, "how to beat the salesman and dealer at their own game."
02-6552 51 min. $ 29.95 ©1989

Woman's Secret Weapon For Auto Buying
Discover how to save hundreds to thousands on your next automobile purchase. This 90 minute video covers everything from purchasing and leasing a new auto, to used cars, trade-ins, servicing, auctions, auto brokers, after market products and more. Learn about "Brass Hats" and unmasking sticker prices. The first inside information video of its kind.
02-4099 90 min. $ 19.95 ©1994

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