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Flight Instruction/Aircraft Construction

Air Force Academy: A Commitment To Excellence
This video program lets you tour the prestigious Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, one of nation's finest institutions for higher learning. From basic cadet training to graduation you will experience the rigorous physical and mental training through which our future Air Force Officers must go.
04-6075 30 min. $ 29.95

Aviation Video Quarterly: Volume 1
Covers a broad spectrum of subject matter, from Ultra-lights to Warbirds and Home builts. Includes: 1) Go-A-Long EZ: A 45-minute systems check and first flight prep of the Long-Ez with Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill. 2) The Wing Derringer: Don Downie gives an in-close view of this red-hot twin; 3) Flying the Ultra-Light P38: Bill Cox takes us on a check ride in one of the leading Ultra-lights. A close look at this style of flying this expensive and fun rotor craft with Ken Brock; and 5) Mountain Flying with Rocky Warren: An FAA classic for all pilots flying mountainous terrain.
04-0008 120 min. $ 39.95

Aviation Video Quarterly: Volume II
Offers an exciting variety of aviation programs, including: 1)NASA Test Flies the Long-EZ: Burt Rutan describes the routine of NASA experts putting the Long-EZ through a series of bone-jarring maneuvers challenging the stability of this bold aircraft. 2) Cri-Cri: Exclusive series showing this fantastic 160 lbs.-twin flying full complement of rolls, loops and inverted flight. The potential of Ultra-light flying as it is certain to be in the near future. 3) Flying is Vari-EZE: Shows the awe-inspiring capabilityes of Burt Rutan's popular Vari-Eze. A dramatic aerial ballet to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. 4) Some Thoughts on Winter Flying: Vital facts for all pilots. 5) Warbirds on Parade-EAA, Oshkosh 1981: A stunning assemblage of great Warbirds, B-17s, P-51s, "Jugs," P-38s, B-29s, T-6s, which come once a year to roost in Oshkosh.
04-0009 95 min. $ 39.95

Aviation Weather
A meteorological video library for convenient home playback. Five segments about the kinds of weather which concern every pilot: advection fog and ground fog; upslope fog and frontal fog; the cold front; ice formation on aircraft; and the warm front.
04-0010 90 min. $ 29.95

Basic Aircraft Sheet Metal Techniques and Tools
This tape was produced to inspire confidence in the home builder working with sheet metal. George Orndorff (a noted home aircraft builder) demonstrates 13 sheet metal techniques and offers many helpful hints based on his experience.
04-4118 58 min. $ 19.95 ©1993

Building the Rutan Composites
A step-by-step instructional program featuring Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill showing you the procedures for using fiberglass composite construction established by Burt Rutan and his associates. An absolute must for builders, certain to save many hours and help you avoid needless errors. Climaxed by a formation flight by the Long-Ex, Defiant and Vari-Viggen.
04-0130 91 min. $ 39.95

Complete Rutan Audio-Visual Encyclopedia for Aircraft Home Builders.
This exclusive anthology of Rutan programs includes: 1) Flying is Vari-EZE: A ballet of flight with Burt in the Cockpit of his Vari-Eze. We soar through California's Tehachipi mountains to the majestic music of Johann Sebastian Bach. 2) Defiant: We eavesdrop on Burt and hear his thoughts as he creates the concepts of a startling idea for a canard twin, from the drawing-board stage to the cockpit with brother Dick. Explore new horizons with the music of Beethoven in the background. 3) Go-A-Long-EZ: An in-depth systems check and first flight procedures for the Long-EZ with Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill. A hard look at the discipline and careful preparations necessary for fight testing an experimental aircraft. All home aircraft builders will find this videotape a life-saver in important facts and tips.
04-0020 70 min. $ 39.95

04-6685 110 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6683 115 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6692 118 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6694 29 min. $ 24.95
04-6689 140 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-4138 69 min. $ 29
04-6691 121 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-4137 110 min. $ 29
04-6690 42 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6687 60 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6684 82 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6693 67 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-4052 118 min. $ 29 ©1995
04-6688 115 min. $ 24.95 ©1995
04-6682 58 min. $ 29 ©1995

Flying the Fighters P-38 & P-40
"P-38 Flight Characteristics" - All aspects for P-38 Training are detailed for the "unique" fighter, that "scored more kills" than any other U.S. aircraft. "Fate of Admiral Yamamoto" - "First Time" gun-camera action of Admiral Yamamoto, the "Mastermind of Pearl Harbor's Sneak Attack", being shot down (B & W). "P-40 Wasy of the Warhawk" - Watch the actual handling characteristics of this rugged Shark-Nosed P-40. "Flying Tigers" - Thrilling, remarkable combat air action by Brigadier General Chennault's 14th AF Flying Tigers (B & W).
04-4090 70 min. $ 19.95

Flying the P-47
"Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt" - Thunderbolt pilots take heed and make it a good habit to follow the exact established flight procedures to get the "Best" performance from their aircraft. "Thunderbolt" - "Operation Strangle", to support our invasion from Southern Italy, the Army Air Force's plan to choke the enemy's life support from the north, divide Italy, create havoc, and stop Germany's supply line.
04-4091 67 min. $ 19.95 ©1990

This program can assist you in building your receptionist skills. Both volumes cover techniques to help make you a more effective and satisfied receptionist.
04-0047 75 min. $ 24.95
04-0048 75 min. $ 24.95
04-0097 82 min. $ 39.95
04-0099 73 min. $ 39.95
04-0100 70 min. $ 39.95
04-0101 50 min. $ 39.95

Instrument Refresher Course
04-0039 $ 29.95 ©19

King - The Right Stuff Flying Tips
All you wanted to know about flying and navigation.
04-8020 50 min. $ 29.95 ©1995

Let's Go Flying
If you've ever dreamed of soaring with the eagles...ever imagined yourself enjoying the absolute freedom of flying-then the time to take the air is now. The world's foremost flight instructors take you from zero time through absolutely everything you need to know for an exciting beginning in flying. How to get your license. The surprisingly low cost of learning. How to insure quality instruction, and priceless do's and don'ts.
04-5018 57 min. $ 29 ©1995

NASA: Airmen & the Weather
Discover the ways in which NASA's space programs are helping us control the risks from natural disasters and better understand our flying environment. Includes: 1) Hurricane Below: Disaster phenomena and NASA's contribution of providing data to reduce casualties through observations from space. 2) Tornado Below: A young female student pilot on her first solo encounters a tornado. All about tornadoes with lab and satellite studies which improve our understanding. 3) The Weather Watchers: Dramatic explanations of how satellite information relates to severe storms. Unusual footage of tornado formation and its force. 4) Aeronautical Life Sciences at Ames: Exploring mans physical and psychological actions that are influencing factors in flight. 5) Flying Machines: Documenting our love affair with flight, plus a world challenge to U. S. aviation leadership.
04-0042 92 min. $ 29.95

This series helps the computer novice gain understanding of the different programs they may have to use on a daily basis. Book and exercise diskette included.
04-4086 120 min. $ 19.95 ©1990
04-4087 86 min. $ 19.95 ©1990
04-4088 71 min. $ 19.95
04-4089 50 min. $ 19.95 ©1990

Pilots Prescription for Flight
Four timely aviation medical subjects are presented to increase your knowledge and understanding of physical conditions critical to safe flying. Includes disorientation, hypoxia, medical facts for pilots and RX for flight.
04-0164 75 min. $ 39.95

Private Pilot Flight Maneuvers
04-0053 $ 29.95 ©19

Soaring In A Sailplane
Have you ever dreamt of flying? Find out what soaring in a fixed-wing glider is all about. You'll perform every aerobatic feat from take-off to landing. You'll drive, spiral, and loop the loop, "surf" the thermals and execute figure eights, rolls and wing-overs. Then you'll guide your wings up into altitude to start all over again! Shoot over the desert and mountains of gorgeous Southern California. If your spirit loves to fly, do it now in the comfort of your home!
04-6373 30 min. $ 19.95 ©1987 0-944060-04-8

Features Laura McKenzie.
04-6680 240 min. $ 79 ©1995
04-6681 360 min. $ 79 ©1995
04-6679 360 min. $ 79 ©1995
04-6678 240 min. $ 79 ©1995

04-4064 60 min. $ 39.95
04-4063 60 min. $ 39.95

Individual occupations correspond to standard occupational classification titles found in many other sources of career information. Each tape contains descriptions of occupations within a broad segment of the work world.
04-8002 90 min. $ 89.95
04-8003 54 min. $ 59.95 ©1991
04-8001 33 min. $ 29.95
04-8000 83 min. $ 39.95

The Vocational Visions Career Series is designed to increase career awareness by providing high school and vocational students with information that will help them make appropriate career decisions. It includes interviews with people in various occupations to provide useful information in a lively and personal format that makes viewing fun as well as educational!
04-0056 90 min. $ 29.95
04-0057 60 min. $ 29.95

Acclaimed author and respected consultant Noelle Nelson, Ph.D, has helped attorneys at the nation's top law firms win cases and maximize jury awards. Learn what it takes to prepare for that important litigation and to present yourself and your witness in a credible manner.
04-4051 840 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6672 720 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6668 600 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6673 720 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6669 840 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6670 720 min. $ 169 ©1995
04-6671 840 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6675 600 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6674 600 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6676 600 min. $ 199 ©1995
04-6667 720 min. $ 169 ©1995
04-6677 $ 29.95 ©19

Winter Training: A New Beginning
Containing fewer of the intricate details involved in the ground service of the F-4 Phantoms but all the thrills of riding in the skies behind master pilots.
04-6497 46 min. $ 19.95

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