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Basic Navigation/Rules of the Road
Commander Dave Smith shows you the basic aids to navigation: buoys, light, ranges, structural charts, as well as where to purchase and how to read them. Also covered are symbols how to find out where you are by means of visual fix, line of position, dumb compass, triangulation and depth contours; and how to determine speed by chip log, and much more. For the beginning boater and a good refresher course for the intermediate and advanced boater.
08-0029 60 min. $ 39.95 ©1992

Celestial Navigation Simplified with William F. Buckley
One of the best navigation videos available. In 40 minutes Buckley simply and clearly explains the theory and practice of Celestial Navigation. Computer animated diagrams illustrate such topics as GP (Geographical Position), GHA, GMT, etc. Mr. Buckley's forceful lecture style keeps it all rolling on. Worth 12 weeks in night school!
08-0011 48 min. $ 39.95

08-8077 48 min. $ 29.95
08-8076 48 min. $ 29.95
08-8075 48 min. $ 29.95
08-8078 48 min. $ 29.95

Loran C: A Navigator's Approach
Very little has been done to help sailors new to electronic navigation to understand how to use the information generated by their Loran C receiver. This video will explain what the system is, how it works useful features and navigation plotting exercises and solutions.
08-0084 104 min. $ 39.95

Navigation: Robin Knox-Johnston
This program provides a clear audio-visual tutor on the basic principles of navigation. Extremely useful for navigating in tidal areas.
08-3105 60 min. $ 39.95

Powerboat Navigation
Produced in association with the US Coast Guard, this video provides complete coverage of all aspects of powerboat navigation by day and night, in good weather, fog and storms. The detailed section on use of electronic aids includes identification and plotting of objects on radar, use of loran and RDF, demonstrated at sea and on training simulators at the SCI professional mariners school in New York City.
08-6978 68 min. $ 49.95

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