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Management & Training

Achieving Excellence
This video gives you the "how-to's, why-to's, when-to's and what-ifs" of excellence-oriented management. You'll learn how to handle details, handle mistakes and customer complaints the right way, get instant action on your ideas and more "excellence" techniques.
07-2248 88 min. $ 69.95

Art of Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace
Larry Schwimmer presents six easily learned techniques for smoothing office conflicts and dealing with hostile or uncooperative co-workers. These simple, direct, and usable techniques quickly ease tension, clear the air, and bring good business back into the forefront. Study guide included.
07-8065 37 min. $ 89.95 ©1993

Assertive Communications Skills for Professionals
Learn how to combine strength with sensitivity and handle your communication challenges with confidence, openness and competence. You'll learn from engaging role-playing vignettes and exercises that reinforce each training point. You'll discover how to put dozens of new skills to work in real-life situations and reach much more of your goals. You'll see immediate improvement in your relationships with people at work and at home. 4 tape set.
07-4264 211 min. $ 149.95 ©1994

Becoming Resilient
07-6762 60 min. $ 99.95

Becoming The Perfect Child
07-6768 60 min. $ 99.95

Being Boss
Host Dick Goldberg talks about the advantages and disadvantages of "being boss" with Lenny Mattioli (TV's Lenny), Severa Austin, and Bob Mohelnitzky.
07-0111 30 min. $ 89.95

Believe in Yourself
This tells the story of a motivational speaker whose immense fame has waned due to alcohol and depression following the death of his wife. An ardent fan confronts him with his behavior, and how she helps him get back on track makes for an inspirational story. While this program does introduce some basic motivational "games" that demonstrate such things as teamwork and trust, the primary point is to show that even the most motivated, inspiring and confident people are still just that - people - and sometimes need help and inspiration like everyone else. Highly recommended for clients and employees of programs and organizations where inspirational resources could help people improve their self-motivation.
07-4327 18 min. $ 69.95 ©1997 1-57112-054-8

Benefits Of Anxiety
07-6769 60 min. $ 99.95

Beyond Success
Ram Dass reflects on the basic question of doing business in a conscious way. Discussion of success; personal power; stress, change and fear, competition and isolation; going beyond ego and roles. This offering is a useful and important tool for doing business.
07-6775 150 min. $ 49.95

Bomb Threats, Bombs & You
Some key benefits you will receive upon viewing: Attain an understanding of the magnitude of this problem, learn the ten year history of bombing in the United States, become aware of techniques regarding bomb threats, learn action steps for explosive devices found, ascertain key dynamic points should a detonation occur, understand action methods should a detonation occur, be able to understand the major components of an effective bomb threat and bomb action plan, be provided leads to other resources for follow up information. Includes an 8 1/2 x 11 book and a 30 minute audio tape.
07-4247 21 min. $ 195 ©1995

Boss/Earl Nightingale
A compelling, informative lesson in basic economics for achieving and maintaining good customer relations. The "Boss" is always the customer! With graphic illustrations, this important session on personal and company success traces the development of our service-oriented society from prehistoric times to the present.
07-0003 21 min. $ 59.95 ©1978

Change Your Mind: Inner Training for Women in Business
An effective program designed to help you be the very best you can be and reach your full potential. With Dr. Kay Porter and Judy Foster's five step inner training program, you will learn to deal with the issues of time, power, balance and confidence. Targeted for Corporate Training and Development.
07-8018 30 min. $ 199.95

Changing American Values & The Effects on Business with Brooke Warrick
This addresses how different businesses are embracing spiritual values in their business decisions and what the effect is. Discover which american life styles your business responds most often to in its products and services.
07-4310 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1997

Communicate And Win
Communicate and Win, shows you how to communicate with clout in every situation. You'll gain valuable insights into using the telephone effectively, persuading people to accept your ideas, listening better for clearer understanding, and conducting more productive meetings. You'll also learn techniques to improve your writing and speaking skills.
07-6809 48 min. $ 95.95

Competitive Advantage
Richard Lewis, President of the executive search firm Sotheby-Fitzgerald developed this video program as a tool for middle and senior management candidates, offering specific advice and proprietary techniques to insure interviewing success. A common sence, step by step program to enhance your interviewing skills.
07-5053 60 min. $ 39.95

Contract Employees - Six Staffing Strategies to Increase Profits Now!
Six proven approaches to reduce employee liability and increase your bottom line. Trusted, workable strategies from flexible staffing that gives you more control of your payroll dollar, to contract executives who can tackle short-term challenges and produce results fast, and probationary hiring - never worry about filing unemployment or workers compensation forms. These truly are big ideas that really work! Package includes video and instant-access workbook. Presented by Ralph Palmen who reveals timely principles being used to build many of America's fastest-growing companies.
07-4037 45 min. $ 99.95 ©1994

07-4360 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4352 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4354 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4343 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4364 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4342 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4347 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4349 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4350 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4340 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4357 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4351 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4356 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4345 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4363 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4339 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-8116 60 min. $ 99.95
07-8117 60 min. $ 99.95
07-8118 60 min. $ 99.95
07-4359 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4353 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4344 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4362 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4346 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4341 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4348 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4358 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4365 780 min. $ 899 ©1993
07-4355 30 min. $ 99 ©1993
07-4361 30 min. $ 99 ©1993

Creating Your Spiritual Board of Directors with Craig Neal
Explore with Craig, the former publisher of "The UTNE Reader", the most ancient form of collaborative decision making to manifest the wisest outcome and how to invoke spirit and compassion in all business decisions.
07-4309 90 min. $ 24.95 ©1997

07-5971 55 min. $ 69.95
07-5970 55 min. $ 69.95
07-5968 55 min. $ 69.95 ©1986
07-5973 55 min. $ 69.95
07-5975 55 min. $ 69.95
07-5974 55 min. $ 69.95
07-5972 55 min. $ 69.95

Deming Revolution
The story of W. Edwards Deming, his management philosophy, how he taught the Japanese after WWII and how his quality revolution was recognized in the U.S. in the 1980's. It introduces Deming's ideas of continual improvement and explains his 14 points.
07-4254 50 min. $ 50 ©1995

Downsizing Dangers
Learn the specifics of how employees are affected. Realize the true cost components associated with downsizing. Understand the role government will play. How creative organizations prepare for and execute a downsizing plan. Realize the physical threats facing your organization and its personnel. Detect danger signs from remaining personnel. Learn the greatest threats to be faced from departing personnel. Includes an 8 1/2 x 11 book and an audio tape.
07-4245 22 min. $ 195 ©1996

Effective Listening Skills
While we spend a great deal of effort developing reading, writing and speaking skills, we often ignore the most essential communication tool of all; listening. Learn how to process the information that goes in one ear, and that information won't have a chance to escape through the other!
07-4117 30 min. $ 79 ©1992 1-56450-123-X

Environment: Business And Labor
Focuses on the necessity for a business to recognize that labor impacts the environment. In addition to the principles of unionism, the basic strategies for labor and management to achieve their objectives as well as the actions necessary for them to successfully interact are discussed.
07-6839 30 min. $ 79.95

Existential Crisis of Business with Rolf Osterberg
Explore with the author of "Corporate Renaissance" and "The Search for Meaning in the Workplace", the paradoxical role in transforming our societies from being utterly production oriented to being human oriented.
07-4308 120 min. $ 29.95 ©1997

Experts Guide To Business Negotiating
In preparing for business negotiations, most executives and managers gather facts and figures, try to anticipate the other person's position and prepare for it, and make the mistake of thinking they're ready. They're not! Because they haven't learned or reviewed basic negotiating strategies. Let negotiating pro Roger Dawson help you learn about the basic ploys, counter-ploys, and even counter-counter-ploys. Never again worry about giving away the "company store" in any negotiation. Be the star of the negotiating table as you get what you want and still keep your opposer as a friend.
07-5969 70 min. $ 79.95 ©1987

Guide to Everyday Negotiating
Buying a car or shopping for a new house doesn't have to be a terrible chore. Learn the basic how-to's of getting what you want - of feeling more confident and comfortable in your everyday negotiating. Meet the sharpest salespeople on even footing, and negotiate the terms you want!
07-1838 45 min. $ 79.95 ©1987

Harnessing the Power of Business to Create a World Worth Having by Hope Mineo
This explores the viability and profitability of a corporate altruistic consciousness, crucial ties to the surrounding community and the reciprocal benefits of an appreciative society. Hope speaks from the heart about personal experience and what it takes to make the impossible happen.
07-4321 120 min. $ 29.95 ©1996

High Impact Leadership
Move beyond being a manager to a respected leader. Managers maintain the status quo, but leaders take their organizations to new heights. This program highlights excellence vs. perfection: finding the point at which energy starts being wasted; when leaders must break the rules to get the job done; how to create a sense of urgency in those you lead; 3 keys to persuasion; one question leaders must ask to create accountability in their people; and concrete strategies for moving up in your organization. 3 tape set.
07-4272 231 min. $ 199.95 ©1990

Homophobia: In the Workplace with Brian McNaught
Acclaimed author and lecturer Brian McNaught shares a skilled explanation of the losses to everyone when homophobia exists at work, school, or anywhere in our society. This program offers keys in overcoming ignorance in a homophobic work setting.
31-4043 58 min. $ 19.95 ©1993 1-887496-13-0

How To Be A Winner
Make any day your day with these practical do's and don'ts of top achievers. Zig Ziglar's eight-point formula is easy to understand and simple to apply. Use it to identify and make changes in your present way of doing things, then view it whenever you need to revitalize or remind yourself of the important steps he talks about. It's the program that gives you your money's worth and then keeps on giving.
07-6822 67 min. $ 79.95 ©1987

How To Create More Time and Less Stress
Learn how to maximize work time, handle client problems, reduce stress, keep up with changes in the market place and train a marketing coordinator. Presented by Maria Piscopo, internationally known creative services consultant.
07-4112 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1993

How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right
Top managers have one thing in common: They all know how to hand off the right jobs, to the right people, at the right time. Becoming a smart delegator is a great way to move up in your job. It earns you the respect of your people, and frees you to do more of what you do best. Whether you're in charge of one person or a hundred, the delegating skills you learn in this program will quickly become second nature. In no time they'll propel both you and your people to higher performance levels. 2 tape set.
07-4267 161 min. $ 149.95 ©1989

How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right, Volume 2
07-6781 90 min. $ 74.98 ©1989

How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right,Volume 1
07-6780 90 min. $ 74.98

How to Develop and Introduce New Products
George Gruenwald is the former CEO of Campbell-Mithun Advertising one of America's most innovative agencies. In his 40 year career, George has seen tremendous successes and miserable failures in the new products category. This fast paced video features clips and case studies from several successes.
07-4075 57 min. $ 39.95 ©1989

How To Really Create a Successful Business Plan
There's nothing like actually seeing how other successful companies accomplished what you want to do. Using real-life examples and interviews with key people at such companies as Ben & Jerry's and Pizza Hut, you get an overview of how to put together your own company's business plan.
07-8032 40 min. $ 59.95

How To Set Up and Maintain a Training Library
Learn where to put your library, how to stock it, and how to pick the right people to manage it. Plus, some imaginative ways to promote your training library.
07-4120 41 min. $ 79.95 ©1993

How to Train with Video
Learn how to maximize the mileage you get out of every training program you purchase. Eight immediate benefits of video training are: it's cost effective, it's convenient, it's consistent, it gives you continuity, it lets you repeat and reinforce, it gives you access to experts, it covers it all, and it can be customized.
07-4109 27 min. $ 79.95 ©1994

How to Write & Conduct Effective Performance Appraisals
This video program gives you a step-by-step system for researching, writing and delivering a performance appraisal that will improve performance all year long. 3 tape set.
07-8076 180 min. $ 199.95 ©1991

I'm Tired of a Messy Desk
Learn tips on increasing personal work space efficiency. Each step is taught in an easy-to understand system. Accomplish urgent tasks with minimal repetition and wasted motion.
07-8052 25 min. $ 98 ©1990

Important Disciplines... Working Right
Better work-habits build competence, confidence, and peak efficiency! With Jack and Gary Kinder, you'll learn the key techniques of planning your day, prioritizing your activities, and setting goals for success.
07-6828 26 min. $ 95 ©1990

Intuition in Business
Professor Agor discusses ways in which organizations can learn to accommodate intuitive styles to remain competitive. He suggest that there are both introvert and extrovert intuitives.
07-4072 90 min. $ 49.95

Job Survival Skills, Revised Edition
Originally produced in 1990, this program has left the script intact but replaced the footage, graphics, and other elements of the visual presentation to give it an updated, even more polished than it had before. It still starts with a humorous review of why people lose their jobs, followed by a presentation of "the basics" of job survival. It then suggests ways to get noticed in a positive manner, and offers techniques for obtaining promotions and raises. The information and the way in which it's presented, helps people of varying ages in jobs of nearly any caliber. Includes "Getting The Job You Really Want" and the Instructor's Guide.
07-4326 19 min. $ 129 ©1997 1-56370-432-3

Livelihood: Growing Spirit at Work by Martin Rutte
This presents an overview of the potential benefits to a company open to fostering spirit in the workplace. We are in the process of moving from work as "security" to work as "livelihood". What's next in this evolution and what part can you play?
07-4322 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1996

Magic Word: Attitude
"The Dean of Self-Development" reveals the secrets to creating and maintaining a winner's frame of mind. Discover how to foster a positive attitude in yourself and your customers, how to profit from "intelligent objectivity" and what "being lucky" really means.
07-6829 45 min. $ 95 ©1988

Management and Leadership Skills for Women
You'll learn how to handle "external challenges, such as people who don't support you or take you seriously. This is straight talk that gives you advice to help you advance in your management career. A three volume set.
07-8093 244 min. $ 149.95

Manager as Coach
Coaching skills have gained the attention of managers who are seeking new ways to boost performance. Why? Because the methods of coaching are proven in motivating people and changing problem behavior.
07-8075 45 min. $ 149.95

Managing People
People are your biggest asset. With competition so fierce in business, the companies with the best people will lead the field. This program contains the straight forward mechanics every team needs to succeed.
07-8039 120 min. $ 99

Marketing: Winning Customers With A "Workable" Plan, Volume 1
Each year, four out of five businesses fail. How does the fifth one succeed? How can your business thrive amoung competition? Marketing experts Adrienne Zolbe and George Valli will lead you through the steps to crate a successful marketing plan.
07-5129 45 min. $ 29.95 ©1989

Moving From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Spirituality with Judith Thompson, PhD.
This explores what has been missing from our business culture - the spiritual missing link. According to Judith Thompson, social responsibility without a spiritual foundation becomes mere window dressing.
07-4324 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1996

Mutual Respect Behavior Management I
William Meisterfeld, behavior management consultant, describes comprehensive, dramatic need analysis of true life, in-house management behavior. These valuable and practical principles improve efficiency, productivity and morale. The concepts of business culture, reprimand, attitude, management disloyalty and communication are demonstrated through live role-play and cartoons.
07-0172 35 min. $ 79.95

Mutual Respect Behavior Management II
Continuance of true case histories. What causes management problems? Words or body-which speaks louder? These questions and other important principles of behavior are vividly expressed through role-play and cartoons. These concepts are easily applied any time, any place, by anyone in both office and home.
07-0173 35 min. $ 79.95

New Bottom Line: Bringing Heart & Soul to Business with John Renesch
Explore with John Renesch, publisher of "New Leaders" newsletter, the appropriateness of spirituality being part of the workplace.
07-4306 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1997

New Metaphors for Business: From the Ladder of Success to a Sea of Potentials with Marilyn Ferguson
Explore with the author of "Aquarian Conspiracy" the outlines of the so-called "emerging paradigm". What is this new mysterious entity that somehow seems more all encompassing than science itself.
07-4305 90 min. $ 24.95 ©1997

Organizational Spirit & Survival for the 21st Century with Michael Stephen
A presentation by the chairman of Aetna International. He talks about the need to rebuild trust and allow the human spirit to reshape the 21st century. Our companies should reflect the nobility and spirituality of humanity.
07-4311 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1997

Perceptions Of Reality
07-6765 60 min. $ 99.95

Phone Power: Techniques To Communicate Better on the Telephone
Communicate Better On The Telephone. You'll find no better coach then George Walther, one of the nation's leading experts on telephone communication and a noted writer on phone-related topics. George helps you see your telephone in a new light. You'll want to make some big changes in the way you use your telephone-and on this video, you'll get the blueprint that will make those changes easy to implement.
07-6783 53 min. $ 79.95 ©1988

Positive Addictions
07-6771 60 min. $ 99.95

Practical Coaching Skills for Managers
Good coaching skills enable you to empower your people without setting them adrift, to keep them on track without "pulling the strings," and to push them to be their best without pushing too hard. When people are "well coached" they take on more responsibility, bounce back quickly from setbacks and give their best effort and commitment. 4 tape set.
07-4274 177 min. $ 199.95 ©1994

Professional Telephone Skills
Phone etiquette can have a significant effect on your organization's ability to satisfy and keep customers. Each and every call is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty, win new customers and make sales. This program teaches you everything you need to know about professional, polished telephone techniques - the kind that callers remember and respond to favorably. You'll gain proven strategies to turn every call - even those that start off as complaints - into a business-boosting contact. 3 tape set.
07-4265 94 min. $ 199.95 ©1994

Professional Telephone Skills, Volume 2
07-4233 60 min. $ 66.65 ©1990

Project Management
Good project managers are worth their weight in gold to any organization. You need specific skills to take a project and shape it, define it, limit it - and ultimately execute it. You need the know-how to plan, budget, schedule and establish checkpoints along the way. This program equips you with the skills you need to become the kind of project manager who knows how to make things happen, get results and stay in complete control. 4 tape set.
07-4273 256 min. $ 199.95 ©1994

Discover how to identify and manage the fine points and big picture of every project you manage. This program will help keep your projects on time and within budget.
07-8109 65 min. $ 99.95
07-8110 65 min. $ 99.95

Proofreading and Editing Skills
Written mistakes are embarrassing and costly, and can give any document a black eye. This program will help put an end to misspelled words, bad grammar and incorrect punctuation. You'll learn to catch and correct common mistakes, recast a sentence without altering its intent, and commit to memory the rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage. Grammar is a subject you may have dreaded in school. But now that you're a professional, correct punctuation and grammar are essential if you expect to be taken seriously. 3 tape set.
07-4275 184 min. $ 199.95 ©1992

Psychology Of Winning In Action
Denis E. Waitley, Ph.D., teaches principles of thought and behavior that you can use immediately in your organization, your career, and your personal life. Named the "Outstanding Speaker of the Year" by the Sales and Marketing Executives Association, Waitley tells how and why you should eliminate any self-limiting thoughts and put yourself on the road to positive self-awareness. Learn the importance of accepting responsibility for your actions and how to adjust your dominant thoughts toward reaching attainable goals.
07-5978 60 min. $ 79.95 ©1986

Each volume of The Psychology of Winning Learning System comprises a full 60-minute video presentation by Denis Waitley himself; a 60-minute audiocassette review of the video material; and an 80-page action guide which includes a test section worksheets, a reference guide, and a full transcript of the audio session.
07-6814 60 min. $ 95 ©1989
07-6817 60 min. $ 95 ©1989
07-6816 60 min. $ 95 ©1989
07-6813 60 min. $ 95 ©1989
07-6815 60 min. $ 95 ©1989

Raising Your Self Image
07-6767 60 min. $ 99.95

Reaching New Heights of Excellence Series
This series by Dr. James Melton, author, consultant, and motivational speaker, discusses such issues as Leadership; Discernment/Compassion; Sales; Building Confidence/Listening; People Skills; Decisiveness/Negotiation; Goal/Time/Stress Management; Ethics and Exemplary Behavior.
07-4041 230 min. $ 189.95 ©1993

Ross Perot: A Vision of Success in the 90's
90's This video brings you Perot at his best--candid, passionate and full of humor. You'll hear his philosophy on what it really takes to build a great company. Perot's advice, experience, and honest wisdom will be an education you can't afford to miss.
07-8033 90 min. $ 99

Self Discipline and Emotional Control
Does your temper ever get you into trouble? Do you sometimes rub people the wrong way? When was the last time you promised to change a habit and you did? This program will help you change your negative behaviors permanently. When you have greater control, you'll be better able to direct every aspect of you life and achieve more of what you want. 4 tape set.
07-4271 286 min. $ 149.95 ©1994

Setting Up a Telemarketing Program
Consultant Judy Lanier explains, by words and graphics,how one sets up an in-house business to business telemarketing operation. This video reviews telemarketing applications, prospecting, and cost of outside calls.
07-8050 16 min. $ 74.95

Sex, Power, and the Workplace
Emmy-winning video provides current information on harassment laws and practices. Case studies illuminate the dangers to individuals and companies. Highlights how male managers are learning to head off problems in the office and the field. Guidebook offers tips and resources for woman and men in the workplace. Includes a Resource Guidebook.
07-4031 60 min. $ 199.95 ©1992 0-9623850-7-7

Sexual Harassment: Crossing the Line
This informative program explains different kinds of sexual harassment, defines the factors motivating harassers and provides specific techniques for dealing with the problem. Viewers learn the steps they should take if they are being harassed or if they witness the harassment of others. These specific techniques include keeping journals, the broken record technique, talking to supervisors, sending memos, using grievance procedures and filing formal complaints.
31-4044 40 min. $ 89.95 ©1993 1-56450-168-X

Shattered Workplace & You
Some key benefits you will receive upon viewing: attain an understanding of the magnitude of workplace violence, learn the pro-active steps your organization should take, become aware of documentation all organizations should know, learn you organization's liabilities and obligations, know why the hiring process is the best line of defense, learn the early warning signs leading to workplace violence, actions that should be taken in the event of an incident, thoughts for working with the media after an incident, how to best recover after a tragedy. Includes an 8 1/2 x 11 book and a 30 minute audio tape.
07-4246 22 min. $ 195 ©1996

Sid Story
07-4450 20 min. $ 29.95

Smart Solutions for Managing Your Time
Learn how to manage your time better and find the time to do it! Learn to communicate, use quality control mechanisms, handle interruptions and more.
07-8037 40 min. $ 49.95

Spirituality in Business by Willis Harman, Ph.D.
This holds no punches in responding to critics who many be skeptical of the spiritual approach to guiding a business. Spirituality in business is coming because people are demanding it!
07-4319 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1996

Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating
The Sluggers Come Home... a negotiation between the owners of a baseball stadium and a team owner demonstrates key principles of rational negotiation and common tactics and strategies for negotiating profitable agreements. Also identified are common errors and techniques for correcting them. Presented by Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Dr. Margaret Neale. Part I: Preparation; Part II: Bargaining; Part III: Settlement. Includes a 45 page study guide.
07-4329 59 min. $ 189 ©1997

Staying In Balance
07-6770 60 min. $ 99.95

Stepping Stones To Success
07-6764 60 min. $ 99.95

Stress Management for Professionals
You can't rid yourself of job-related stress. In fact, you need a certain amount of stress to perform your job. But how you handle pressure can mean the difference between being happy and productive or frustrated and anxious. This program will teach you how to make stress a positive force - by identifying the sources of pressure in your life and showing you what to do about them.
07-4270 205 min. $ 199.95 ©1992

Success And Prosperity
Your brain is a computer; it can be programmed to achieve specific results. This high-energy video gives you a step-by-step approach to using techniques like visualization, auto suggestion, and programming to overcome past negative programming and bring prosperity and success to all aspects of your personal and business life. Led by Lee Milteer, author of Reach Your Career Dreams and cable television host, this 90-minute program reveals a 21-day plan to bring about major change in your life.
07-5976 90 min. $ 79.95

Successful Self-Management
Prepare yourself for a completely interactive, multimedia experience in self-development. With Successful Self-Management, you no longer just watch a video, listen to a tape, or read a book-you do all three, and more! In the end, you'll have a practical methodology for determining your value system and putting it to work for a more positive and fulfilling life.
07-6810 45 min. $ 95

Supervising Employees as Equals with Sandra Felt
Spiritual equality between management and workers can free everyone to concentrate on productivity as well as make a more pleasant place to be. Applying spiritual principles to supervising employees requires a conscious effort and can be tricky. Learn how!
07-4313 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1997

Taking Rejection Personally
07-6766 60 min. $ 99.95

Three Secrets to Success: A CEO's Story with Loida Lewis
A fascinating story of Loida's assuming control of Beatrice Foods, a $2.1 billion company. She speaks about how her own spirituality was instrumental in breaking through barriers and making a success in the business world.
07-4312 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1997

Time Management
Let Mark McCormack show you: the time bombs that can blow up your business day, how to take control of transition times, how to use the biggest time bomb of all the phone, how to make the most of your leisure time, and the art of doing business on the road.
07-6541 30 min. $ 16.95 ©1989

Time Management Ideas That Work
Discover how to eliminate your biggest time wasters by avoiding unexpected interruptions, running meetings more efficiently, and delegating to produce results and meet deadlines. Every minute of this videotape is crammed with specific ideas, tips, and hints you can put to use immediately!
07-6819 45 min. $ 79.95

07-8158 60 min. $ 99.95 ©1989
07-8156 60 min. $ 99.95 ©1980
07-8160 60 min. $ 99.95 ©1975
07-4030 103 min. $ 275 ©1986
07-8155 60 min. $ 99.95 ©1982
07-8157 60 min. $ 99.95 ©1981
07-8159 60 min. $ 99.95 ©1981

To Lead Is To Serve
"How to Attract Volunteers & Keep Them" and "Reaching Our Goals." Brighten your future with this ancient leadership principle. Learn how successful volunteer leaders have achieved the results you want. Use these programs to teach your staff how to delegate, ways to deter discouragement and five steps to reach a goal. 2 tape set.
07-4147 33 min. $ 29.95 ©1996 0-9638560-1-4

07-8079 27 min. $ 89.95 ©1990
07-8077 27 min. $ 89.95 ©1990
07-8078 27 min. $ 89.95 ©1990
07-0002 27 min. $ 89.95 ©1988
07-4060 24 min. $ 89.95 ©1994
07-4061 26 min. $ 89.95 ©1994
07-4062 26 min. $ 89.95 ©1994
07-4063 24 min. $ 89.95 ©1994

Tom Peters on Necessary Disorganization
Tom defined management style for the 80's. Now, he declares the 90's the decade of non-conformism and redefines the rules for success.
07-8034 40 min. $ 195

The most flexible, economical way to train your team. Let Verne Harnish teach you the principles that will help ensure the long-term health of your organization and your career.
07-8090 60 min. $ 124.95
07-8091 60 min. $ 124.95
07-8092 60 min. $ 124.95

07-8163 90 min. $ 275 ©1988
07-8164 90 min. $ 275 ©1983
07-8162 90 min. $ 375 ©1982

Features Laura McKenzie.
07-8101 45 min. $ 99.95
07-8102 45 min. $ 99.95
07-8103 45 min. $ 99.95

Understanding Business Valuation
When you plan to buy or start a business, you must know how to establish its value and get the best possible price when it comes time to sell or retire. Hosted by Phillip Sabol of Management Alternatives, a business valuation consulting firm, this in-depth video looks at: how to establish a fair market value for a business: structuring the best price; identifying all the tangible and intangible elements of value; negotiating a win-win sale; packaging a business to sell and much more. A must for any serious entrepreneur.
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Unfolding of the World Bank: Spiritual Unfoldment Society by Richard Barrett
This outlines the process and results of employees setting up a group within their company or organization for those interested in meditation, social awareness and spiritual discussion.
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Individual occupations correspond to standard occupational classification titles found in many other sources of career information. Each tape contains descriptions of occupations within a broad segment of the work world.
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The Vocational Visions Career Series is designed to increase career awareness by providing high school and vocational students with information that will help them make appropriate career decisions. It includes interviews with people in various occupations to provide useful information in a lively and personal format that makes viewing fun as well as educational!
07-6761 60 min. $ 99.95

Why 97% of Our Conventional Wisdom is Wrong and How to Change It with Ted Nicholas
This presents an analysis of long held "Truths", such as the need for profit at all costs, and how they can be transformed to the company's maximum benefit. Unconventional wisdom is the key to success!
07-4323 120 min. $ 29.95 ©1996

Why Competition Always Starts with Cooperation by Mary Ruwart, PhD.
From a libertarian perspective, this shatters the myth of fierce, proprietary competition and recommends the long term benefits of respect and trust. Cooperation and competition are the yin and yang of spirituality in business.
07-4320 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1996

Acclaimed author and respected consultant Noelle Nelson, Ph.D, has helped attorneys at the nation's top law firms win cases and maximize jury awards. Learn what it takes to prepare for that important litigation and to present yourself and your witness in a credible manner.
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Woman and Corporations: Breaking In
Two female executives and Professor Alma Barron, an authority on women in management, examine whether breaking into corporate America is any different for a woman than for a man, and why.
07-0071 30 min. $ 89.95

Women and Corporations: Moving Up
Three professionals talk candidly about what a woman should and must do after she lands a corporate position in order to reach the boardrooms.
07-0072 30 min. $ 89.95

Work, Leadership & Values in the 21st Century with Richard Barrett
People are looking for work that gives their life meaning. Explore with Richard Barrett, founder of the Spiritual Unfoldment Society and the World Bank and author of "Liberating the Corporate Soul", spiritual values that are becoming part of the new bottom line.
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Your Attitude Toward Failure
07-6763 60 min. $ 99.95

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