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Sales Topics

38 Proven Ways to Close That Sale
This program is packed with information that will help you read your prospects, pinpoint their needs and know when to close the transaction. You'll discover how to translate your product's features into "can't-do-without" benefits for your customers.
07-8113 87 min. $ 99.95

5 Steps To Successful Selling
In this video is your first exposure to Zig Ziglar and his brand of enthusiasm and logic, you will be overwhelmed by the experience. Ziglar has traveled more than 3,000,000 miles across the country over the past 20 years and has developed a loyal following by showing people clear-cut methods they can use to achieve their goals and dreams. In 5 Steps to Successful Selling, you'll learn the one fundamental principle that shapes the personalities of all top salespeople and see a clear-cut path you can follow to increase your sales ability almost overnight.
07-5967 81 min. $ 79.95 ©1987

Basic Fundamentals...Selling Right
This instructional program brings you the foundations of selling together with some of the profession's most sophisticated techniques to help you close and sale.
07-6827 30 min. $ 95 ©1990

Buying Facilitation: The Service That Sells with Sharon Morgen
This explores the business relationship between buyers and sellers in the spirit of "enrollment", in which both parties base their negotiations on honesty and trust. The new paradigm in sales!
07-4316 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1996

Closing the Deal - How & When
Make the most of all your preparation and hard work by learning how to wrap-up a sale for it's full potential. Top sales professionals share their techniques with you to help you achieve the best results in closing a deal.
07-8025 41 min. $ 99

07-9592 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-04-0
07-9596 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-08-3
07-9594 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-06-7
07-9859 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-01-6
07-9593 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-05-9
07-9591 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-03-2
07-9598 25 min. $ 99.95 ©1991
07-9590 28 min. $ 99.95 ©1991 1-881302-02-4

Direct Mail Success Secrets That Sell What You're Selling for You!
This is the complete guide to finding "All" the people who want what you're selling and making sure they buy from you - Now! By simply adding Direct Mail to your marketing mix, you can realistically increase your exposure, your sales, your customer base, and your monthly income substantially. This is the only Direct Mail Marketing Plan you'll ever need to accomplish all of that.
07-4225 114 min. $ 69.95 ©1994

Effective Follow-up: Your Secret Weapon
Weapon for long-term sales success. Veteran sales professionals reveal their tips on how build better customer relationships.
07-8027 38 min. $ 99

Exploring the New Paradigm in Sales with Sharon Morgen
This explores new selling techniques that "enroll" the potential buyer and establish a well founded relationship of trust. This is truly a win-win process based on the belief that the seller is a servant.
07-4318 120 min. $ 29.95 ©1996

Garage Sale Magic!
Over 60 million people go to, or have their own garage sale each year. Michael and Pam Williams, America's garage sale experts, have arranged scores of wildly successful garage sales, taking in over $2500.00 every time. Now, David Leisure, star of TV and movies, walks you through several garage sales with the experts, and shows you their winning formula in a whimsical, step-by-step approach.
07-4436 32 min. $ 19.95 ©1997 0-9638152-8-8

How to Deal With Buying Objections
Learn how to overcome one of your biggest obstacles in sales: "Buying objections". Master the art of overcoming objections and you'll master the art of salesmanship.
07-8089 42 min. $ 99

How to Find and Keep New Clients
This video gives specific strategies for identifying and approaching potential clients, getting appointments to show your work, following up to get the job, and building referrals. Presented by Maria Piscopo, internationally known creative services consultant.
07-4111 45 min. $ 29.95 ©1993

How to Find Your Next Customer
LeRoy Leale, winner of 34 national sales awards, shows you how to visualize success and become a top salesman.
07-8030 20 min. $ 39.95

How to Get Clients to Call You
This video focuses on designing effective ads and promotional pieces for yourself; planning and implementing a direct mail strategy, transitioning to different kinds of clients, and writing a marketing plan for repeat business. Presented by Maria Piscopo, internationally known creative services consultant.
07-4113 35 min. $ 29.95 ©1993

How to Have a Yard Sale and Lose $1,000
This is a tongue in cheek title but it gets the point across. The most often overlooked area when having a Yard Sale is that of Security. All the tips, facts and tricks you need to conduct a fun, safe, and successful yard sale. Topics covered include: getting started, planning, traditional and non-traditional advertising techniques, pricing strategies, getting the kids involved, and important steps you should take to make sure your home and its contents remain secure.
07-4035 45 min. $ 24.95 ©1994

How to Manage Your Sales Strategy for Greater Sales and Profits
Find out where you can, and should, improve your sales strategy. Seven sales experts will show you how.
07-8036 90 min. $ 99

How To Sell
The sales manager of America's largest hi-fi store, a highly successful realtor and a sales trainer all talk about how to sell almost anything.
07-0081 30 min. $ 89.95

How to Sell Well - Brian Tracy
How to increase sales quickly. New model of selling; attitude and motivation, personal management, product analysis, competitive analysis and more.
07-8137 60 min. $ 95 ©1988

Making Effective Sales Calls
Interspersed with candid, unscripted sales calls, you get special tips and advice that boost your sales approach to expert level.
07-8026 47 min. $ 99

Marketing Successes of Coca-Cola - Why They Work
Peter Sealy, Vice President of Marketing Operations for Coca-Cola USA, reveals some thoughts behind the very successful marketing strategy of Coca-Cola. Included is a look at some of the company's best television commercials and an analysis of why they worked so well.
07-0097 30 min. $ 89.95

Marketing to Minorities
Tom Burrell, the most successful ad man in the county in marketing to Black Americans, explains his strategies and techniques in reaching that market, along with two of his best customers, Peter Sealey, Vice President of Coca-Cola, and William Youngclaus, Vice President of McDonald's Corporation.
07-0096 30 min. $ 89.95

Marketing Where Your Competition is Not
Demonstrates procedures to learn the difference between your competitor and your competition, between markets and marketing. Analyze your own position and make the competition "play the game". Interviews with experienced business professionals punctuate a fact-filled video that will help business owners enhance their markets.
07-4152 35 min. $ 39.95 ©1995

Million Dollar Sales Strategy
How do the million-dollar mega-stars of professional selling build their careers? First and foremost, they master the basics, and that's exactly what you learn to do in this exciting new video from renowned sales trainers Jim Cathcart and Tony Alessandra. With them, you'll discover the principles of time management, prospecting, closing techniques, and customer relations that lead straight to the pinnacle of the profession, What's more, you'll learn the refinements of organization and professional pride that are the real hallmarks of the top-earning pros.
07-6811 45 min. $ 79.95 ©1990

Preparing for Successful Sales Relationships
If you want more than a one-shot sale, you need to build relationships with your customers. This video shows you how to strategically research your own product, your customers and your competition.
07-8029 40 min. $ 99

Selling In The '90s
Simply comparing your product to the other guy's is a sales strategy long past its prime. To keep a competitive edge, the top sales professionals of the future will need the new techniques illustrated by major corporate executive and sales expert Larry Wilson in this practical, results-orientated videotape. You'll learn the three things that buyers really want, the keys to partnership selling, and why you deliver products buy selling dreams and solutions.
07-6818 61 min. $ 95 ©1989

Selling With Service
You will acquire and maintain more customers with a commitment to marketing as a guiding philosophy, and not just as a department within your company. Most people don't know that the function of every company is to acquire and maintain customers and the goal is to make money. The confusion between these two concepts often leads to dissatisfied customers.
07-5966 55 min. $ 69.95

Three Great Sales People
Three successful sales people share their secrets in this look at what motivates the motivators.
07-0114 30 min. $ 89.95

Features Laura McKenzie.
07-4375 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4368 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4381 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4384 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4370 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4383 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4379 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4373 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4374 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4372 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4377 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4388 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4382 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4391 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4389 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4386 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4387 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4369 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4378 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4390 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4392 780 min. $ 899 ©1992
07-4366 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4371 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4367 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4385 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4380 30 min. $ 99 ©1992
07-4376 30 min. $ 99 ©1992

Twenty-Four Techniques For Closing The Sale
Now you need never again fail to close the sale. Brian Tracy unveils 24 of the finest, most effective closing techniques ever devised. This is the same seminar for which people pay hundreds of dollars and take days out of their busy schedules to attend.
07-0273 65 min. $ 79.95 ©1986

Upside Down Selling
In an exciting live presentation, George Walther inverts the sales efforts to existing customers instead of prospects. This highly leveraged approach has resulted in huge sales increases for hundreds of companies as their customer base becomes an active sales force.
07-4084 55 min. $ 79.95 ©1991

Acclaimed author and respected consultant Noelle Nelson, Ph.D, has helped attorneys at the nation's top law firms win cases and maximize jury awards. Learn what it takes to prepare for that important litigation and to present yourself and your witness in a credible manner.
07-4335 10 min. $ 14.95 ©1997
07-4334 26 min. $ 29.95 ©1997
07-4336 12 min. $ 14.95 ©1997

Yellow Page Insider
This video program will show you how to sort out the confusing and costly claims of Yellow Page directory publishers. No matter what size your ad budget, this video will show you how to maximize your total results and save you thousands of dollars.
07-8056 30 min. $ 39.95 ©1992

Yellow Pages Power!
Insider secrets on getting outstanding returns on your directory advertising investment. A live presentation detailing proven strategies on making prospects call you first, instead of your competition. You'll also learn how to determine your ad size, budget and design, how to double your ad's effectiveness, even how to overcome the problems of working out of your home and advertising in the yellow pages.
07-4050 40 min. $ 29.95 ©1994

Zig Ziglar: Selling, A Great Way to Reach the Top
Zig Ziglar is the master motivator! He's been called the man who helped turn selling into a profession to be proud of. Zig tells you how to relate to your client, present your product and close the deal.
07-1837 50 min. $ 79.95 ©1986

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