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Public Speaking

Art of Effective Communication
Learn tips on improving nonverbal, verbal, listening and writing communication skills. This video examines the impact of body language and the difference between hearing and listening. Won a Telly Award.
29-4020 30 min. $ 129 ©1994 1-56370-166-9

07-8042 93 min. $ 99.95
07-8041 87 min. $ 99.95

Expressively Speaking
Expressively Speaking presents an hour of speech improvement exercises to give your speaking voice power, clarity and flexibility. Each lesson builds on the preceding lesson and lessons are numbered for easy reference. The daily speech aerobics segment is an abbreviated compilation of exercises positioned at the head of the tape to be used as a daily warm-up. The confidence and expression segment of the tape is 30 minutes long and presents actors' techniques to insure that you will be confident, expressive, and in-control in any context of presentation. With the advantage of these techniques you can be more dynamic, and you can be sure that your message will be heard.
29-5132 60 min. $ 59.95

How To Speak With Confidence
In literally every business or profession, the ability to speak with confidence and power is a must! Bert Decker reveals the keys to catching your listeners' attention, holding it, and making them hang on your every word. Whether you're speaking to one person or to a thousand, now you can be sure you'll be at the top of your form. You can't afford anything less.
07-6824 46 min. $ 79.95 ©1987

Persuasive Speaking
Distinguished speakers and speaking coaches from the worlds of business, politics, and theater explain the keys to the essential skill of speeches and presentations. Features clips of speeches by master speakers President Ronald Reagan and New York Governor Mario Cuomo.
07-0021 60 min. $ 29.95 ©1985

Power Talking
George Walther, in this live presentation, will teach you dozens of new and dynamic phrases that George quotes from successful people from all walks of life who have corrected their vocabularies to use phrases that induce a positive response in the clients and prospects that hear them.
07-4083 55 min. $ 79.95 ©1991

Powerful Presentations: How I Went from Chump to Champ
Darren LaCroix will share with you just about everything he has learned and it will forever change the way you give presentations. Learn by watching Darren win the "World Champion of Public Speaking" in 2002.
07-4469 45 min. $ 24.95 ©2003 0-9669-3095-9

Secrets for Exceptional Speaking
07-4465 137 min. $ 499.95 ©1999

Speaking to the Big Dogs: A Boardroom Survival Kit
Tips from 17 senior executives that will change forever how you think about, craft and deliver presentations to the senior staff of your organization. The program is divided into 5 sections: the Preparation, the Presentation, the People, the Process and the Human Side.
07-4467 100 min. $ 239 ©2003

Vocal Coach Public Speaker Video
Whether a professional speaker or someone who just wants to speak more confidently in group settings, this how to video will enhance your poise and presentation. Topics include: warm-up, breathing techniques, diction and over-coming nervousness.
07-5884 35 min. $ 69.95

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