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Sports Bloopers

Amazing Sports Bloopers II
The video is the sequel to ESPN's top selling video. It includes action from our most popular sports as well as Biff! Bam! Boom! insanity from auto racing and rodeo. Hosted by Jay Johnstone.
30-8099 30 min. $ 16.95

Big Plays, Best Shots And Belly Laughs
The greatest moments and funniest plays of the 1989 season, including the conclusion of Seahawk Steve Largent's brilliant career and the coronation of the 49ers as the team of the decade.
30-6358 50 min. $ 19.95

Birdies And Bloopers
Hosted by Gary McCord, see some of the world's greatest celebrities, athletes and personalities in their pursuit of that wonderful little, dimpled ball. And with the help of the game's everyday hackers, you'll hear some of the game's funniest jokes and predicaments. All in all, we will show you the greatest and goofiest goings on in the game of golf.
30-6459 30 min. $ 16.95 ©1993

ESPN's Amazing Biff Bam Boom Anything Goes Sports Bloopers
Also from the ESPN archives comes 45 minutes of side-splitting spoofs and goof! SportsLook host Ray Firestone and friends reveal the zany humor behind sports around the world, from football, baseball and hockey to skiing, tractor pulls and rodeo.
30-5481 45 min. $ 14.95

Football Follies on Parade
A historical look back at the most popular videotape series in NFL Films' history, from the tried and true to the one-shot wonders - all the best follies are here. Brought to you by the creators of the first ever sports bloopers!
30-6352 50 min. $ 19.95

Pro Football Funnies
Follow the action as Football's finest bungle, drop, fumble, stagger, stumble and trip through hysterically funny Pro Football low-lights. Eaves- drop on huddles and pep talks...then follow the hilarious action.
30-6472 30 min. $ 16.95

Super Dooper Hockey Bloopers
It's action on ice that wasn't planned. An exciting collection of the best bloopers, crunches, falls, slips and stumbles. Today's hockey greats at their funniest!
30-6474 30 min. $ 16.95

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