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Word Processing

Advanced Wordperfect for Windows Version 5.1
This program covers nine topics for the more advanced user: Button bar, Outline, Styles, Headers and Footers, Footnotes, Endnotes, Table of Contents, Columns and Macros.
09-8029 54 min. $ 24.95

How to Use Word for Windows
This will get you started in Word. Topics include Page Set up, Entering Text, Editing Text, formatting text, using the tool Bar, Bullets, numbering, setting tabs, mailmerger and much more.
09-4030 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1994

Introduction to Word Perfect
50-4153 35 min. $ 12.99 ©1989

Introduction to Wordperfect for Windows Version 5.1
This introduction covers 21 topics in a simple progressive manner.
09-8028 45 min. $ 24.95 ©1992

Learning Microsoft Word for Windows
Learn how to use this data base in a simple easy-to-understand format.
09-9986 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1994 1-55746-265-8

Learning Wordperfect 5.1
Learn the reveal codes and how to create your own documents.
09-9982 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1990 1-55746-157-0

Microsoft Word 5.5
An easy-to-follow program on how to use Microsoft Word to its best advantage.
09-8021 35 min. $ 24.95 ©1990 0-929978-63-3

Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 - Video Plus
Microsoft Word for Windows is a powerful wordprocessing program, sharing many functions with the popular Microsoft Windows programs. With the Morris training video, you'll learn: the basics of Word 6.0, menus, toolbars, letter wizard, editing and saving, spell checking, tables, fonts, etc. Includes disk.
09-4145 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1995 1-55746-294-1

Updating to Word 95
Includes: explaining Answer Wizard; step by step answers; discussing explanations, visual answers; explaining TipWizard; replacing text with symbols; correcting text; customizing AutoCorrect; explaining and viewing templates; using automatic borders; automatic numbered or bulleted lists; using automatic headings; File management features; explaining IntelliSense; ordinal numbers; and using the Highlighter.
09-4266 25 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Using Ami Pro for Windows 3.0
Unlock the advanced word processing power of Ami Pro with this program. Through the easy-to-use graphical interface of Windows, learn how to create beautiful documents utilizing text, graphics, charts and tables. Discover how easy it is to work with columns and how to format you text. You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn and how quickly.
09-4100 65 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 0-929978-97-8

Using Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows
Learn to unlock the advanced word processing power of Microsoft Word with this program. Through the easy-to-use Windows, discover how to create beautiful documents utilizing text, graphics, charts, tables and more. See just how easy it is to format your text into professional-looking documents. You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn and how quickly.
09-4098 65 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 0-929978-93-5

Using Wordperfect for Windows 6.0
Shows you how to unlock the advanced word processing power available through the easy-to-use graphical interface of Windows. Create documents utilizing text, graphics, charts, tables and columns, as you format standard text into professional looking documents. You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn and how quickly.
09-4096 84 min. $ 24.95 ©1991 0-929978-91-9

Word 95, Advanced
Includes: creating a table; explaining rows, columns and cells; selecting cells; adding numbers to a table; inserting and deleting rows, columns and cells; creating table headings, an index and entries; making index cross-references; creating and editing a table of contents; Word Pad; creating a form; using form fields, text form fields, check box form fields and drop-down form fields; finding, previewing documents; opening, copying, deleting multiple documents; specifying search criteria; document properties; inserting, viewing annotations; marking revisions; hiding and customizing revision marks; and Grammar checking.
09-4263 74 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Word 95, Desktop Publishing
Includes: creating a handbill; discussing views; hiding toolbars, menus; choosing fonts; selecting styles; different justifications; creating columns; discussing rulers; creating brochures, subheads; adding borders; working with colors, characters; using drop caps; adding bullets; Desktop publishing hints; importing, positioning and editing graphics; editing and aligning frames; setting drawing points; defining a folio; explaining gutters and mastheads; creating a nameplate; and column breaks.
09-4265 73 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Word 95, Intermediate
Includes: page setup; demonstrating spacing; setting tabs, margins; working with sections; choosing a printer; specifying print options; previewing a document; printing; creating and deleting headers, footers; master documents; creating, merging and splitting subdocuments; creating outlines; collapsing outlines; demoting headings, body text; expanding, formatting outlines; using Drag and Drop; selection options; using Paste Special; the Go To, Find commands; controlling a search; and using the Replace command.
09-4262 68 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Word 95, Introduction
Includes: using the Menu bar and toolbar; the command line; discussing the ruler; the Status bar; the Formatting toolbar; using the scroll bars; explaining the Help menu; the Control buttons; creating a document; entering text; explaining Word Wrap; selecting, deleting text; moving text; the Overstrike command; discussing fonts and styles; printing; using the different views; master documents; using Zoom; Cut, Copy and Past; using Find and Replace; the Spell checker; the Thesaurus; using Word Count; and the Grammar checker.
09-4261 62 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Word 95, Secrets & Timesavers
Includes: moving the cursor; blocking text; shortcut keys; using the Go To command; finding text; formatting text; controlling the search; replacing text; Cut, Copy and Paste; using dot leaders; using AutoCorrect; creating macros; the Macro Library; changing menus; creating styles; assigning commands to keystrokes; working with spreadsheets; adding borders; using shading; using a table to create a graph; creating a template; and managing templates.
09-4264 63 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Word 97, Advanced
09-4198 71 min. $ 49.95 ©1997

Word 97, Desktop Publishing
09-4200 55 min. $ 49.95 ©1997

Word 97, Intermediate
09-4197 65 min. $ 49.95 ©1997

Word 97, Introduction
09-4196 58 min. $ 49.95 ©1997

Word 97, Secrets & Timesavers
09-4199 72 min. $ 49.95 ©1997

Word Perfect, Level II
50-4154 35 min. $ 12.99 ©1989

Word Processor
Computer systems analyst John A. Haynes traces the merger of the typewriter, television and computer into one powerful communications device-the word processor. An overview is offered of the separate components, their functions and how they interrelate.
09-0031 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1986

WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS - Video Plus
From its unique graphical interface to its new spreadsheet capability, WordPerfect 6.0 has more of everything you want in quality wordprocessing. Novice users can learn the program in no time at all, and veteran users will feel right at home, with familiar keystrokes blending seamlessly with exciting new additions, including menus, button bars, dialog boxes, printing, faxing, file management, merging and more. Includes disk.
09-4132 45 min. $ 29.95 ©1994 1-55746-291-7

WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows - Video Plus
WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows gives you the power and flexibility to create the documents you want. And because WPWin can adapt to your style of working, you'll complete your tasks using fewer steps nd less time. With 100% Windows functionality, including full integration with other applications. You'll learn about templates (with over 70 pre-designed templates available), customizable button bar, power bar and ruler bar. Includes disk.
09-4133 45 min. $ 29.95 ©1994 1-55746-293-3

WordPerfect 7.0, Advanced
Includes: Open/Edit/Use a pre-recorded template; personalizing, creating and deleting a template; using macros; print envelopes; creating columns; setting column parameters; defining the different types of columns; creating/working with a table and a chart; create/edit a header; create/alter a graphics line; creating an outline; changing levels/different outline types; creating a hypertext document; linking a bookmark/document to a macro; using Grammatik; the Abbreviations option; Quick Formatting a document; merging a file using the three steps; creating a Data file and a Form file then merging the files.
09-4254 72 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

WordPerfect 7.0, Desktop Publishing
Includes: using various views; choosing fonts; changing zooming views; creating columns; creating a handbill and a brochure; working with subheads; using the Drop Cap command; creating a party invitation; discussing various charts; editing a bar chart; creating various shapes and patterns; the Drawing commands; creating text in the drawing mode; creating a newsletter; using WordPerfect's desktop publishing commands; using TextArt; changing text color; rotating text; giving the text a sharper surface; resizing the TextArt; and discussing watermarks.
09-4256 57 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

WordPerfect 7.0, Introduction
Includes: discussing menus; dialog boxes; toolbar/Power bar; entering text; explaining Word Wrap; the insertion point; Insert/Typeover mode; deleting text; highlighting text; saving a document; opening a file; scroll bars/scroll box; using the Zoom button; selecting text; deleting selected text; Copy, Cut and Past text; Dragging and Dropping text using the mouse; changing the font, style and size of text; set/change tabs and indents; using the Ruler bar; adjust line spacing/margins; using Find and Replace; using the Spell Checker; working with page numbers; centering text on a page; printing a document; and using the Address Book.
09-4253 55 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

WordPerfect 7.0, Secrets & Timesavers
Includes: using key strokes to move the cursor; demonstrating the Go To command; selecting text; saving selected text; Cut, Paste and Copy text; moving tet with the mouse; Find & Replace features; changing text styles; adding shapes to text; using dot leaders; recording/playing a macro; using a QuickStyle; using graphics in a document; Changing the attributes of a graphic; creating a table; using the QuickSum command; copying a formula; displaying and creating a template; copying text to the Desktop; working with an outline; and creating a Table of Contents.
09-4255 60 min. $ 49.95 ©1995

Wordperfect Basics
Learn to write a simple letter, use italics, underline, bold and other features. Applies to versions 5.0 and 5.1.
09-4069 30 min. $ 34.95 ©1994 1-57112-006-8

Wordstar 5.5
09-8022 30 min. $ 24.95 0-929978-23-4

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