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Other Operating Systems & Utilities

CNE NetWare 4, Administration, Vol. 1
Includes: defining a network; discussing network components; defining a network administrator; showing Resources & Services; additive licensing; explaining Hardware/Memory requirements; discussing the benefits of NDS; directory tree organization; defining Container Objects; listing properties/values of Objects; understanding Object names; defining Typeless/Typeful names; NetWare DOS Requester; network software protocols; using components of Workstation software; Login/Logout commands; components of the NetWare File System; command line utilities; explaining network mapping; and search drive mapping.
09-4323 55 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Administration, Vol. 2
Includes: defining the NetWare Administrator; creating a NWADMIN icon; Object menu, View menu, Options menu, Tools menu commands; defining NetADMIN; the Main menu options; creating and managing an Object and User template; Action menu commands; using the Leaf Objects; discussing File System Security; listing Trustee Objects; defining File System Rights; using File Attributes; assigning Trustee Rights; modifying File Attributes; describing the NDS Securities; using Object Rights; showing Property Rights; listing the differences between All & Selected Properties; using Implied/Explicit Security Equivalence; viewing and adding Trustee Rights; and calculating Effective Rights.
09-4324 70 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Administration, Vol. 3
Includes: explaining Login Scripts; Login Script Variables and Commands; using the DOS and the EXIT commands; the Menu System commands; using te MENUMAKE, NMENU and MENUCNVT commands; discussing the Components of NetWare Printing; attaching a printer to the network; the CAPTURE command options; creating, configuring and managing Print Objects; using the PCONSOLE utilities; creating Custom Print configurations; using the PRINTDEF utilities; explaining the PRINTCON utilities; using the Core Operating System of the NetWare File Server; using NetWare Loadable Modules, Disk Drivers, LAN Drivers; naming Space Modules and NLM Utilities; the Server Console commands; and NetWare Loadable Modules: INSTALL, MONITOR, and SERVMAN.
09-4325 68 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Advanced Administration, Volume 1
Includes: planning a Directory Tree; discussing design strategies; using Naming Standards; creating Property Standards; implementing NDS; discussing NDS Partitions; using four types of NDS Replicas; placing Replicas; showing different Time Servers; using default/custom configurations; merging two NDS trees; using Time Synchronization Parameters; troubleshooting NDS; correcting NDS problems; dealing with down time; removing a server; using the Internetwork Service; installing the Message Handling Service; Managing MHS; and using the International Service.
09-4326 63 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Advanced Administration, Volume 2
Includes: Explaining DOS and Windows workstations; examining the DOS requester; demonstrating the installation and configuration procedures; examining the configuration files; discussing the INSTALL.CFG file; the User Tools utility; NetWare 3.1 and 4.1 NDS and Bindery services; Object naming; limitations of the Bindery; planning Bindery services; examining NetSync; NDS administrators: centralized/distributed administration; Container administrators; assigning container administrators; discussing/assigning File System administrators; network auditing; creating a network auditor; performing auditing tasks; managing the audit data file; creating, viewing, printing audit reports; and ending the audit.
09-4327 68 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Design & Implementation
Includes: discussing NDS Object types; naming Objects; creating a Standards document; naming Standards; organizing, modifying, partitioning a Directory Tree; using Login Scripts; planning a File System; discussing Drive Mapping; defining File System Security; explaining Administrator types; planning Login Scripts; examining Client support; discussing Partitions and Replicas; creating Replicas; planning Partitions; using Time Synchronization; planning, scheduling a Server Migration upgrade; and Covering the Server Migration steps.
09-4328 37 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Installation & Configuration, Volume 1
Includes: examining the server's memory; server disk storage requirements; showing the processor types; discussing drives & controllers; using LAN cards; examining motherboards and buses; showing the printer requirements; planning the upgrade; discussing upgrading requirements; performing the installation; installation requirements; examining Simple installation; performing the Simple installation; performing a Custom installation; and discussing Custom installation options.
09-4321 57 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Installation & Configuration, Volume 2
Includes: installing a NetWare Client; examining NetWare Utilities and Programs; discussing User Objects; creating Group Objects; using the NetWare File System; configuring Security/Printing; discussing NDS; designing an NDS structure; implementing NDS; merging Directory Trees; troubleshooting NDS; looking for symptoms; demonstrating NDS sychronization; using Repair options; discussing server environment care; using the Monitor and the Speed commands; examining memory management SET commands; using the disk performance SET commands; and showing the file compression SET command.
09-4322 52 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Networking Technologies, Volume 2
Includes: examining the OSI model; discussing the seven model layers; defining protocol stacks; peer layer communication; defining the Physical topologies; defining Signaling; defining the Data Link layer; transmission Connection and synchronization services; discussing Logical topologies; examining the Network layer, the Transport layer, the Application layer; learning about NetWare protocols; using AppleTalk protocols; and discussing miscellaneous protocols and standards.
09-4318 63 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Service & Support, Volume 1
Includes: preventing Network problems; discussing electrical problems; examining viruses; defining a security plan; learning how to trouble shoot; the Novell Troubleshooting model; documenting solutions; using NSEPro; examining NSEPro's main features; NSEPro's data base; discussing MTL; using the MTL library; examining Ethernet networks; discussing 10Base2; defining 10Base5; using 10BaseT; troubleshooting Ethernet; using Token Ring networks; Troubleshooting Token Rings; defining ARCnet; and learning about FDDI networks.
09-4319 48 min. $ 59.95

CNE NetWare 4, Service & Support, Volume 2
Includes: defining storage systems; examining how hard drives work; showing hard drive interfaces; configuring hard drives; using cabling & formatting; examining RAID drives; using disk mirroring/duplexing; discussing CD-ROM drives; using magneto-optical drives; communicating from DOS workstations; using the TRACK command; explaining the interrupt conflict; working with memory and conflicts; viewing network printing; discussing printer problems; troubleshooting printers and print queues; troubleshooting print servers and printer objects; discussing network recovery; explaining Recovery options; using PATCHMAN; using the Monitor/SET commands; and optimizing network communications.
09-4320 46 min. $ 59.95

CNE, DOS and NetWare User Concepts
Includes: DOS basics; defining DOS; using Ctrl + Alt + Del; operations of DOS; internal DOS commands; FORMAT, VOL, and LABEL commands; discussing the hard disk; file and directory maintenance; DOS naming rules; DOS wildcard characters; defining filename extensions; showing switches of XCOPY; the DOS directory structure; the Path, DIR commands; DOS configurations; batch file commands; REM, ECHO, PAUSE commands; creating a batch file; explaining CONFIG.SYS; CONFIG.SYS commands; and AUTOEXEC.BAT.
09-4301 46 min. $ 59.95

CNE, Microcomputer Fundamentals
Includes: hardware components; explaining the binary number system; ASCII code; microprocessors; processor types; 386DX vs 386SX microprocessors; differences in 386 and 486 chips; real vs protected modes; about Apple Macintosh microprocessors; showing data buses; the standard bus; Macintosh bus types; setting component configurations; setting interrupt, memory, I/O addresses; how to avoid conflicts; explaining RAM, ROM; dynamic vs static memory; discussing extended, expanded memory; defining serial, parallel ports; discussing baud rate; terminating resistors; discussing device drivers; and the microcomputer boot process.
09-4302 46 min. $ 59.95

CNE, Netware 3.1x Administration, Volume 1
Includes: covering network connection; NetWare 3.12 client types; workstation communication; discussing connectivity software; workstation connection; NetWare 3.12 resources; learning network filing; file storage concepts; volumes and directories; system created directories; creating a directory structure; explaining MAP; navigating with network drives; explaining search drives; login security; levels and functions of NetWare security; setting up network user and group accounts; and applying restrictions.
09-4309 49 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 3.1x Administration, Volume 2
Includes: File System Security; Trustee assignments; calculating effective rights; planning file system security; file, directory attributes; command-line, menu utilities; automating workstation connection; modifying configuration files; client installations; working with login scripts; login script commands; planning system of login scripts; building a login script; user menu components; and NetWare 3.12's menu command language.
09-4310 46 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 3.1x Administration, Volume 3
Includes: managing a 3.12 server; server functions; console commands; describing, loading NLMs; remote console management; using RCONSOLE; applying console security; discussing network printing; network printing components; setting up network printing components and environment; network printing techniques; network data protection; NetWare's e-mail system; and installing applications.
09-4311 61 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 3.1x Advanced Administration, Volume 1
Includes: server startup procedures; server components; examining configuration files; using INSTALL; editing configuration files; discussing server batch files; creating a customized server batch file; using EDIT; server protocol support; different frame types; discussing the ODI model; using TRACK ON; applying name space support; about server memory; discussing tables; examining blocks; calculating memory requirements; learning about buffers; discussing memory pools; server management; using MONITOR, SET; and exploring NCP packet signature.
09-4312 42 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 3.1x Advanced Administration, Volume 2
Includes: Advanced server management; discussing server maintenance; using BINDFIX, BINDREST and SET TIMEZONE; demonstrating VREPAIR; discussing SBACKUP; using MONITOR; advanced print services management; using PCONSOLE; adding and removing print server users; adding and removing a queue server; viewing a print job; using PRINTCON; demonstrating CAPTURE; remote printing; configuring custom printing parameters; about DOS client management; DOS Requester modules; customizing Net.CFG; using WSUPDATE; and discussing virus prevention.
09-4313 43 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 3.1x, Installation & Configuration, Volume 1
Includes: hardware and software requirements; installing a NetWare 3.11 server; defining terms and files; preparing the server for upgrade; upgrading 3.11 server to 3.12; results of the upgrade; 3.12 server requirements; NetWare DOS Requester; Modifying workstation configuration files; configuration file format; and modified workstation files.
09-4307 44 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 3.1x, Installation & Configuration, Volume 2
Includes: 3.1x server configurations; setting up user accounts; using account restrictions; setting up group accounts; user account management; setting up login security; layers of NetWare security; discussing login restrictions; login restriction categories; implementing login restrictions; using time restrictions; using Intruder Detection/Lookout; station restrictions; tracking invalid login attempts; network printing; setting up a network printing environment; creating the print servers; defining print servers; assigning queues to printers; activating the print server; using the PCONSOLE utility; explaining caching; defining directory hashing; Allocation Units; using MONITOR; and optimizing with the SET console command.
09-4308 45 min. $ 59.95

CNE, NetWare 4 Networking Technologies, Volume 1
Includes: defining computer models; explaining LAN, MAN, WAN sizes; required network elements; network service types; types of file services; using Print/Message services; showing Message service types; using Application/Database services; defining and using five network management types; transmission media; factor types; explaining cable and wireless media; discussing network public and private services; using transmission connectors; network interface boards; discussing modems; explaining Hubs and Bridges; discussing routers, ; and covering CSUs and DSUs.
09-4314 47 min. $ 59.95

CNE, Service and Support, Volume 1
Includes: troubleshooting network concepts; physical environment; learning about cycling; the electrical environment; discussing transients, noise factor, and crosstalk; learning about ESD; discussing virus protection; troubleshooting model and research tools; reviewing the NSEPro installation; examining MTL; fixing problems with the appropriate tool; working with adapter cards and cabling; different NIC types; and troubleshooting NICs.
09-4305 38 min. $ 59.95

CNE, Service and Support, Volume 2
Includes: troubleshooting network storage devices; examing hard drives; discussing hard disk interfaces; troubleshooting IDE and SCSI; explaining RAID architecture; examining CD-ROM; troubleshooting DOS workstations; discussing IPX/NETx; examining IRQ, memory, DMA; explaining conflict identification; discussing memory optimization; diagnosing conflicts; troubleshooting network printing; learning printing process; troubleshooting printers; examining network optimization; using SET and MONITOR; discussing bridges and repeaters; and explaining disaster recovery.
09-4306 49 min. $ 59.95

CNE, Technologies in Networking, Vol. 1
Includes: defining a network; LANs, MANs and WANs; the network model; explaining network elements; network services; servers, clients and peers; network protocols, models; network services; file, print services; explaining file transfers; data storage, archiving; message, application services; electronic, voice mail; integrated e-mail; customizing servers; improving scaleability; discussing transmission media; transmission media connections; bound, unbound transmission; examing STPs; hardware connecting transmission media; communication devices; the OSI Physical Layer; the OSI Datalink Layer; and Datalink layer network technology.
09-4303 32 min. $ 59.95

CNE, Technologies in Networking, Vol. 2
Includes: the Network Layer; the Transport Layer; addressing and transport control; explaining Connection identifiers; transaction identifiers; discussing Transport control; explaining segmentation; error checking; explaining Flow control; the Session Layer; explaining Communication Sessions; the connection release; the Presentation Layer; translating and encrypting presentations; the Application Layer; active and passive advertisements; Systems Network and Digital Network Architecture; explaining networking management; configuration management; and using a NetWare log book.
09-4304 30 min. $ 59.95

DOS 6.0 - Video Plus
Learn disk compression with double space, as well as other new features to this popular Microsoft operating system. With this video, you will learn about: Memaker (enables you to regain precious memory needed for MS DOS resident applications), Antivirus (protects and detects viruses- gets rid of viruses before they start), and Undelete - your "Ooops" factor control (with it, you can recover files or directories). Includes disk.
09-4134 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1995 1-55746-288-7

Learning DOS
50-4147 40 min. $ 12.99 ©1989

Learning DOS, Level II
50-4148 40 min. $ 12.99 ©1989

MS DOS Basics
Learn to create and organize files into directions, copy files to a disc, and set up the computer for easier usage. Practice disc included.
09-4068 52 min. $ 34.95 ©1994 1-57112-003-3

PC Tools Deluxe 6
Learn the basic and advanced use of PC Tools.
09-8019 30 min. $ 24.95 ©1990 0-929978-30-7

T.G.I.S. Novell Networks 3.x: Supervisor's Edition
Provides an in-depth review of Novell Netware's network topology and an extensive look at the SYSCON, SESSION, FILER and PCONSOLE utilities. You'll also walk through many common network tasks such as adding a new user to the network, changing a user's security equivalence, creating additional workstations, connecting additional printers and increasing network security.
09-4094 82 min. $ 29.95 ©1993 0-929978-88-9

T.G.I.S. Novell Networks 3.x: User's Edition
Provides in-depth details on log-in procedures, creating drive maps and search drives, remote printing and network security. You'll also walk step-by-step through Novell's four most helpful menu-driven utilities: SYSCON, SESSION, FILER and PCONSOLE. Plus you'll get comfortable with creating, changing, and removing network directories and much more.
09-4093 65 min. $ 24.95 ©1993 0-929978-87-0

Using MS-DOS 6.0
Shows you the benefits of this dynamic operating system. Learn the secrets of using the DOS commands to copy files, format your disks, undelete files and much more. Plus, discover how to double your disk capacity with DoubleSpace and optimize your hard drive with Defrag and more. Includes reference booklet.
09-8088 60 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 0-929978-73-0

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