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Mexican Culture

Join in the many fiestas celebrated throughout the small towns of Mexico. Dances showing pre-Columbian culture and costumes! Markets with the wonderful food and handicrafts! The crowds at charradas, bullfights, and fireworks!
13-4335 30 min. $ 28 ©1991

Mexican Christmas Traditions
This video, made by Mexicans, shows the authentic Mexican Christmas! Full of tradition and creativity, you will follow a representation of Joseph and Mary's pilgrimage. Enjoy the decorations, vendor's crafts, food and costumes. A very special celebration.
13-4336 20 min. $ 45 ©1993

Rites of the Day of the Dead
Since pre-columbian times, many Mexican towns worshipped death through fascinating rituals. Every November the people prepare themselves to receive their dead relatives. Experience these ancestral rituals immersed in a mystic atmosphere.
13-4337 22 min. $ 39.9 ©1991

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