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Juggling & Clowning

Balloon Animal Safari
Pet Balloons! Make them yourself with the help of this instructional video. Each balloon project is shown twice, giving wide-angle and close-up views of the process.
17-4026 30 min. $ 19.95 ©1993 0-941429-04-0

Be a Juggler: Video Learning Kit
Kids of all ages can now learn how to "Be a Juggler" with this exciting new Video Learning Kit. Lively, fun-filled instruction along with materials needed to complete the activities offers a fun alternative to passive television viewing. For children 8 years and older.
17-4025 30 min. $ 19.95 ©1987

Flying Karamozov Brothers present: How to Juggle and Other Matters of Life and Death
Let the Flying Karamazov Brothers teach you how to juggle like they have since 1973. From San Francisco to Broadway these Brothers offer an amusing introduction to the dynamic world of juggling. Great for kids of all ages.
17-4087 35 min. $ 19.95

Joy of Juggling Video
This instructional video presents the first six lessons from Juggling Step by Step, covers 8 scarf juggling tricks, 34 ball and beanbag tricks, 16 tricks with three, four and five rings, plus passing six, 19 tricks with three clubs including kick-ups. Each lesson includes fast and slow motion demonstration by an acknowledged expert, performance of the skill plus description tips by Dave Finnigan.
17-4022 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1985 1-880912-02-3

Juggler's Jam
Learn to juggle and manipulate rings, clubs, cigar boxes, diabolo, devil stick, ball spinning and the secret to juggling five balls or more. Stars Dave Finnigan as Professor Confidence. Uses 12 more songs to teach passing and catching.
17-9282 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1992 1-880912-01-5

Join Professor Confidence and a dozen of his out of shape friends as they take you step-by-step through twelve exciting music videos.
17-8010 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1992 0-9615521-9-3

Children as young as five can learn to juggle three slow moving nylon scarves that are included in this entertaining instructional video by Dave Finnigan. Eleven catchy original tunes lead to juggling success. Starts with one scarf and easy tossing and catching exercises. Ends with an inspirational poem about persistence and self confidence.
17-9280 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1991 0-9615521-7-4

Juggling For Success at Hazel Dell School
Inspiring juggling documentary of Hazel Dell Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington, which has no physical education teacher. Juggling was introduced by classroom teachers and has grown to the point where most students keep juggling equipment in their desks, and several times each day a teacher may announce a "juggling break". The principal tells how discipline has improved and teachers share their ideas for implementing school-wide juggling programs.
17-4023 16 min. $ 14.95 ©1993

Juggling Lesson
Classic instructional video, uses a story line to teach 3-ball juggling. Professor Confidence, a wandering juggling teacher, assisted by Zero, a local street performing clown, teaches tourists and locals in Seattle's historic Pike Place market to juggle right in front of a fruit stand. Instruction is accompanied by upbeat ragtime tunes. Final shot shows a great variety of market people juggling excitedly.
17-4024 20 min. $ 14.95 ©1981 1-880912-03-1

Juggling Star
Learn to juggle three and four balls or beanbags with Professor Confidence and his young friends as they take you step-by-step through twelve music videos.
17-9281 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1992 1-880912-00-7

Juggling Step-By-Step
This instructional and entertaining tape covers every aspect of juggling. Includes instruction in scarves, bean bags, balls, rings, clubs, cigar boxes, top hats, spinning balls and torches. It also covers passing and advanced skills with four to eight objects.
17-0056 120 min. $ 24.95 ©1985 09615521-2-3

Juggling Video
Juggling is an ancient art. To most people it appears to be a mystery. It's not! Anyone can learn how to juggle with time, patience and correct instruction. Carlos Dolz has been juggling since 1973. He has taught literally hundreds of people in the Los Angeles area and has found that besides the enjoyment they got out of it, most people found that it greatly improved their timing, cooordination and self-confidence.
17-0065 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1985

Learn to Juggle with Professor Confidence
For ages 5 and above, this special collection includes sixteen carefully selected instructional music videos from Juggletime, Juggling Star, Juggler's Jam and Jugglercise. Learn basic juggling patterns with scarves, beanbags, balls, rings, clubs. Join Professor Confidence and his friends as they teach you beginning tricks and help you to build your confidence. The songs included are the instructional core of the music video series.
17-4021 40 min. $ 19.95 ©1993 1-880912-04

Learning to Juggle - Anatomy of a Fool
Learn the basics of juggling! Taught by a professional juggler, the steps to learn are discussed and demonstrated with actual classes. Emphasizing three ball juggling, other lessons include tricks, four and five ball juggling, club juggling, and demonstrations of knife and fire juggling. Comes with three bean bag juggling cubes. Designed for ages seven to adult.
17-4000 48 min. $ 19.95 ©1993

T-Bone's World of Clowning
Explore the world of clowning with T-Bone and his friends as they laugh and share the basic principles of clowning. Juggling, balloon animals and characterization are just some of the topics covered in this educational and highly entertaining program. Through T-Bone's special blend of magic, he informs and mystifies as he brings out the clown in all of us. Great for children ages 5-9 or adults who resist "growing up!"
17-0061 35 min. $ 14.95 ©1986

You Can Juggle
The breakthough "how to" program that's fun, recreational and entertaining. It's ease of use makes learning to juggle effortless and quick. Comedy Star and World Champion Juggler Daniel Rosen shows you how to take these skills all the way from Hollywood, to Las Vegas and Madison Square Garden.
17-4133 30 min. $ 19.95 ©1996 1-878089-05-6

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