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This program addresses the myths and realities of the disease. It covers the history of AIDS and its probable origin, how it is proliferated, efforts devoted to screening and finding a cure, symptoms and progressing of the disease, the most frequently expressed fears, preventive measures, risks in receiving blood and how to support a patient both physically and emotionally.
20-0111 30 min. $ 99.9 0-942447-11-5

Aids! Attention! Prevention! For Teens and Parents
Donnovan M. Somera, M.A., has coordinated the two most widely used high school based Aids Prevention Projects. He brings his lively, informative, urgent and highly successful presentation on the transmission and prevention of HIV disease. In a language which everyone can understand, his presentation has been in demand in schools, universities, teen groups, and parent groups. He is dynamic in opening the lines of communication between parents and kids. Teens, are you getting sex information from friends or on the street? Do you know what you can do to protect yourself from aids? Find out! Watch this video. It could save your life! Excellent for use in the classroom.
20-4034 60 min. $ 39.95 ©1994

AIDS: A Biological Perspective
Why has it been so difficult to find a cure or vaccine? What makes AIDS so deadly? What is the HIV virus, and how does it devastate the immune system? This eye opening program explores these questions, providing fascinating insights into the unique qualities of the HIV virus that make AIDS such a relentless killer. Colorful graphics and interviews help viewers follow the life cycle of the HIV virus, how it reproduces, and the path it takes through the body's cells. AIDS researchers and educators discuss the progress that has been made in learning about the disease, and the obstacles to finding a cure. Winner of the Bronze Statuette, 17th Annual Telly Awards.
20-4264 35 min. $ 49.95 ©1995 1-56450-273-2

AIDS: Alternative Therapies...
Outlines the trials and tribulations of obtaining so-called "alternative" AIDS treatments and therapies in the U.S., and provides a detailed outline of some of the most common alternative therapies available for HIV/AIDS treatment.
20-4306 75 min. $ 24.95

AIDS: Everything You and Your Family Need to Know...But Were Afraid to Ask
Former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop provides level-headed specifics in this current program from HBO. He gives information that people want and need to know. Complete with discussion guide.
20-8058 38 min. $ 99.95 ©1988

20-4270 54 min. $ 12.95 ©1990
20-4273 28 min. $ 12.95 ©1991
20-4276 45 min. $ 12.95 ©1991
20-4269 27 min. $ 12.95 ©1992
20-4274 16 min. $ 12.95 ©1992
20-4271 33 min. $ 12.95 ©1991
20-4275 35 min. $ 12.95 ©1992
20-4272 56 min. $ 12.95 ©1991

Dangerous Affair: A Teenage Story of AIDS
Aids in teenage women increased 70 percent last year. This program, based on a true story, demonstrates that AIDS can happen to anyone. Complete with discussion guide.
20-8057 30 min. $ 79.95 ©1991

Families with AIDS: Building a Future Together
This presents the emotional experiences of families affected by AIDS. It is about love, openness, acceptance and compassion. It emphasizes that having the disease presents an opportunity for a family to grow closer, by showing support and understanding for each other. It shows how families living with the disease can create a future for themselves.
20-4230 30 min. $ 24.95 ©1993

Gone Tomorrow: Aids Awareness
Focuses on Rick, a heterosexual, all-American male, with good grades and a positive outlook on life. While Rick takes a look at his bright future, the play takes you through his adolescent years and the romances that have influenced his life. You not only share his visions of life and love, you get to meet Amanda, Jessica, Rhonda, Jennifer and Allison, his companions who have their own futures to look forward to. Once you fall in love with these characters and share their challenges of becoming adults, you then experience their greatest challenge of all, AIDS. Contains a question and answer segment at the end in hopes of creating class discussion on this very emotional topic. Is answers questions like: What is AIDS? How can you get it? Am I at risk? The fact that no one is immune from the disease is discussed with professionals. Winner of the Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival and the Silver Apple, National Educational Media Competition.
20-4263 39 min. $ 49.95 ©1995 1-56450-245-7

Is This the Cure?
A comprehensive and timely nonclinical look at the new issues surrounding recent breakthroughs in HIV and AIDS treatment and care. It raises questions and provides answers about the long term impact of protease inhibitors, triple combination "cocktails" and new immune modulation therapies. Leading medical experts reveal emerging strategies for ongoing management of HIV infection. Long term survivors share their insights on facing the new challenges that come with continuing to get better. Issues of returning to work, insurance benefits and "survivor's guilt" are tackled. Features numerous HIV/AIDS resources, including web sites, hotlines, national and local support organizations.
20-4254 40 min. $ 19.98 ©1996

Just As I Am
Experience the power of family! A portrait of unconditional love and acceptance, this program examines Dwayne Lynn Cantrell and his family, as he fights to educate young people about AIDS, while his parents endure the ignorance of their neighbors.
20-4293 50 min. $ 39.95 ©1997

Man Who Created Aids
Did the World Health Organization order and supervise the production and injection of Aids into blacks and homosexuals? Did presidents use tax dollars to finance the development, production and injection of the aids virus? Are children being infected with the aids virus during "preventative vaccinations? Is the AIDS epidemic a government supervised experiment to prove that cancer in all humans is cause by a virus? All these questions and more are answered in dramatization of Dr. Wolf Szmuness, Columbia University of Public Health. He knows the cure because he created the disease.
20-4044 240 min. $ 59.95 ©1992

Positive: Life with HIV
This two-cassette package offers a unique view of life through the window of HIV as it explores matters of universal concern. By presenting a broad range of perspectives, this video provides viewers with options, tools, and strategies for making important choices in their own lives, whatever their circumstances.
20-4257 240 min. $ 19.95 ©1995

Silverlake Life: The View From Here
Winner of over 10 international awards, including the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, "Silverlake Life: The View From Here" is the extraordinary video diary of living with AIDS. This 1993 film documents, with guts and humor, the love and dedication of longtime companions Tom Joslin and Mark Massi.
20-4096 99 min. $ 19.95 ©1993 1-56501-384-0

Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS and You
Magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall host this entertaining and informative program aimed at teenagers and young adults.
20-4166 42 min. $ 12.95 ©1992 0-7921-2571-1

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