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Training Hunting Dogs

Competition Coon Hunting
This video contains instructional tips on how to prepare both hound and handler for a competition hunt, how to call your hound during the hunt and the strategy used against other dogs and handlers. Dale Chain's Special guest is Jimmy Houston. Their lively personalities combine to make this video both instructional and humorous. Join the excitement of an actual coon hunt and see, firsthand, how a champion coonhound should work during a hunt.
30-0567 58 min. $ 29.95

How to Train Hunting Dogs
Sigbot Winterhelt, founder of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, shows you step-by-step how to train your dog for the sport of hunting. He shares his secrets for retrieving, tracking, pointing, and more. Discover Winterhelt's twelve golden rules for training, along with tips on taking care of your dog when hunting and at home.
19-4088 54 min. $ 39.95

Hunting Dog Magazine
Includes tips from trainers on how to start your pup on the right foot; demonstrations of various breeds to show what each does best, including the German wire hair, English spaniel, golden retriever and a breed from Germany that's new to the U.S.--fabulous Meunsterlander.
19-8025 50 min. $ 19.99 ©1988

Hunting Retriever Training Complete
A complete guide to training your retriever pup, from basic commands to retrieving.
24-0023 120 min. $ 49.95

Training Your Retriever-Advanced
A study of advanced retriever training principles and techniques that will enable you and your reetriever to excel. After you and your retriever can consistently and correctly perform the basic retriever activities, you can now progress to the more difficult and challenging retriever skills and drills. Professional dog trainer Mike Mathiot, takes you through the advanced stages of training a successful retriever like an expert.
19-0079 55 min. $ 79.95 ©1984

Training Your Retriever-Basic
In order for your dog to properly mature, it's vital to develop a foundation of good habits early in its life. Mike Mathiot, professional dog trainer, teaches you the concepts and methods needed to transform a spirited pup into a disciplined retriever. Learn to succerssfully train your dog in the fundamentals of retrieving.
19-0078 55 min. $ 79.95 ©1984

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