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Entertainment Industry

Act and Grow Rich: Anyone Can Earn Big Money in T.V. Commercials
Bob Collier, respected acting coach, offers the same classes to you on this instructional video, as he teaches from his studio in New York. Designed for any age, children through adult this program will take you from beginning to actually landing the commercial.
07-9250 90 min. $ 19.95 ©1991

Acting Careers
Ever thought of being an actor? In this program all the mystery is taken out of the successful pursuit of an acting career in film and television. If you have ever dreamed of being an actor, then this is for you!
07-8040 30 min. $ 39.95 ©1991

Actor's Success Factor, The
Features television stars Carol Burnett, Roma Downey and John Dye. Through in-depth interviews the stars' advice help pave a route to success. Furthermore, "Touched by an Angel" directors, Michael Schultz, Gabrielle Beaumont, Victor Lobl and Sandor Stern reveal the key elements they look for when auditioning and casting actors. Whether you're a first time or established actor you can benefit greatly from the crucial timesaving information on your path to a successful acting career.
07-4435 41 min. $ 24.95 ©1997

Big Time Talent Management
Stan Kamen, talent manager for such stars as Barbara Streisand, Warren Beatty, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton, talks about what is involved in becoming a talent agent, helping his clients reach stardom and keeping them there.
07-0106 30 min. $ 89.95

Body Parts Modeling
Trisha Webster, the most successful body parts model in the country, has designed this program to prepare people of all ages, for successful careers in the specialty area of modeling body parts: hands, legs, feet, lips, hips, eyes, name it! Includes a "Body Parts Quiz" to help determine which of your "parts" have star quality. Covers all the how-to's of getting started, finding work, making money, beauty and posing secrets, plus up-to-date advice from industry professionals.
07-4002 40 min. $ 29.95 ©1993

Breaking Into Hollywood
This definitive how-to video outlines precisely what you'll need to know for a rewarding acting career in movies, TV and comercials. Includes interviews with prominent industry insiders.
07-4118 42 min. $ 29.95 ©1994

Building a Character
How do professional actors make their performances look so real and believable? Many use a basic formulated approach that assists in creating a foundation for character development and discovery. This process is clearly illustrated in this informative program: the character analysis, using your body as an actor, using your voice as an actor, creating emotions for your character, professional guidelines for rehearsing.
25-8005 86 min. $ 59.95 ©1989 1-879927-07-1

Business of Off-Broadway
Art D'Lugoff, owner of the Village Gate and a highly successful off-broadway producer, talks about how he puts together projects and why they work.
07-0101 30 min. $ 89.95

Combat for the Stage
How do professional actors learn to sword fight and fist fight so realistically without getting hurt? The same way you can learn these combat techniques that are safely illustrated, step-by-step in this informative program. Acquire the skills and knowledge to safely perform: use and selection of stage guns, use and selection of swords, stage falls, choreography of fist fighting, choreography of sword fighting.
25-8008 96 min. $ 59.95 ©1989 1-879927-08-X

Coming to Hollywood
This first-of-its-kind video filmed in Hawaii and Los Angeles is an A-Z on how to go about establishing a successful career in the booming entertainment industry in Hollywood. It includes a wealth of information for aspiring actors worldwide who seek careers in Hollywood but need focused direction and guidance.
25-4186 70 min. $ 24.95 ©2005

07-4102 50 min. $ 29.95 ©1995 1-884747-03-5
07-8165 40 min. $ 29.95 ©1993 1-884747-02-7
07-4468 60 min. $ 49.95 ©2002
07-8175 50 min. $ 29.95 ©1993 1-884747-01-9

Creative Drama & Improvisation
The imagination is the most powerful tool accessible to the actor. It enables the actor and comedian to create situations and background information for a character that he or she may not have life experience to draw on. The following exercises and improvisations will assist you in exploring your imagination: house tours, dramatic play, colors exercise, willow in the wind, cat wants a corner, tableaux, paper clip exercise, unfinished dreams, mine field, small town cafe, and other improvisational exercises.
25-8004 110 min. $ 59.95 ©1990 1-879927-10-1

Dancing in Hollywood: A Guide for the Professional Dancer
This video presents the tools needed to get a professional job as a dancer. It includes interviews with a major dance agent, working dancers and choreographers, as well as sequences at Hollywood dance classes, dance auditions, and photo shoots. How to write a resume and types of jobs available is also discussed.
07-4420 35 min. $ 34.99 ©1997

Directing Process
How do successful stage directors choose a play, organize the production, and work with actors so effectively? All those answers and more are fully illustrated in this informative program. Learn how to approach every step of stage directing through each of the following sections: how to select a play, script analysis, organizing auditions, working with designers, principles & picturization, and rehearsing.
25-8009 110 min. $ 59.95 ©1990 1-879927-11-X

Getting Your Kids Into Commercials
This video tape presents interviews with top industry insiders: Agents, Producers and Directors. They offer you and your children the knowledge and experience they have acquired through years in the business. In less than one hour you will gain knowledge that otherwise might take you years of frustration and cost your child dozens of lost chances.
07-6264 60 min. $ 19.95 ©1989

How to Act in TV Commercials and Films
Host and producer Terry Harris, and director Mark Pollock have created a unique program in the realm of acting for the camera. This acting production features a dynamic ensemble of classical and contemporary material. Acting theories and principles are explored (from Stanislavski to the James-Lange Theory) as well as the business aspect of the acting business. Including information on agents, resumes and photos. A truly unique program.
07-4301 70 min. $ 29.95 ©1993

How to Conquer Hollywood
The most complete, practical, and entertaining guide ever assembled that gives actors everything they need to make it in show business. You'll learn how to: meet the powerful players; define and market your image; get the right agent; create a winning picture, resume and reel; dazzle them at the interview; nail the audition and more.
07-4249 60 min. $ 29.95 ©1996

How to Get a Record Deal
The Music Industry's only video that answers the question, "How to Get a Record Deal." You'll hear from some of the world's top recording artists such as, Phil Collins, Kenny Loggins, Mark Knopfler, Michael Bolton, to name a few. Topics include: selecting a manager, approaching labels and what they look for in an artist, and much more.
07-4439 68 min. $ 49.95 ©1991

How to Get Your Child into Television, Movies and Commercials
In this informative video, the viewer is guided through the business of acting by leading industry professionals. Interviews with top Hollywood agents and casting directors are candid and enthralling. Features in-depth interviews with parents of current television stars, examining the strategies that helped their children get top roles in television and motion pictures. A must see for parents who wants to get their children into the entertainment industry.
07-4008 58 min. $ 24.95 ©1993 1-56891-027-4

How to Start a Career in Television, Movies & Commercials
Hollywood is looking for new talent! Today's stars are everyday people from all parts of the country. Top Hollywood Agents/Casting Directors have contributed to this unique Step-by-step video. You'll learn: How to get an Agent; How to prepare your pictures and resume'; How to meet Casting Directors; How to audition; What you should avoid and never pay for, and much, much more. You'll get all the tools you need to start your career and you'll learn the secrets to succeeding in the Entertainment Industry.
07-8173 55 min. $ 24.95 ©1993 1-56891-028-2

Information Hollywood
Learn the twelve steps to becoming a successful actor and the important things to watch out for in the industry.
25-9122 55 min. $ 24.95 ©1991 56371-008-0

Make It Happen in Hip-Hop and Rap
Guidance for Rappers, Producers, DJs or anyone who wants to be in the music scene. Features interviews with major Hip-Hop and Rap contributors who share their personal knowledge about "what it takes" to make it and provides advice, hints, "do's and don'ts" on all aspects of the music business. Among those who were interviewed for the program include: recording artist KRS-One, Afrika Islam producer for ICE-T, Danny Goldberg former CEO of Warner Brothers Records and Joe Nicolo of Ruffhouse Records.
07-4170 40 min. $ 19.95 ©1995

Make-up Workshop
How do makeup artists age an actors face 40 years, build mustaches and beards, or change the facial features entirely? The same way you can learn these and many of the other techniques illustrated step-by-step in this informative program: makeup supplies and tools, facial anatomy, choosing the right makeup, preparing the face for makeup, corrective makeup, middle age makeup, old age makeup, special effects, and mustaches and beards.
25-8007 104 min. $ 59.95 ©1988 1-879927-03-9

Mickey Rooney - On Acting
Join Mickey as he motivates his students to think creatively and build confidence in themselves. Learn techniques like, improvisation, auditioning, memorizing, and body movement. Everything you need to know from the ultimate performer.
07-9478 48 min. $ 29.99 ©1991 1-56480-040-7

Mime over Matter
You can become a Mime in just a few short minutes. Just follow the easy step by step, clearly explained and carefully demonstrated instructions, and you can by a Mime in no time. Learn these Mime exercises and Mime illusions: inclinations, isolations, rotations, exaggerated actions, creating a mime piece, moon walk, the lean, the sit, walk 1 & 2, the rope, the robot, and the wall.
25-8006 101 min. $ 59.95 ©1987 1-879927-02-0

Modeling Concepts
A shortcut for breaking into modeling and acting. View: Fashion,print modeling, and filmwork: Pay structures explained; Why Portfolio? Why Training?; Practical techniques for runway, walks, pivots, etc...; Your Resume; Tips for a great interview; Cameras, lenses, filters, film and you; Behind the scenes, including make-up.
07-4145 58 min. $ 29.95 ©1995

Modeling Made Easy
Jill Donnellan is a working model and actress. She teaches us all of the indepth instruction and step demonstrations of runway techniques for men and women.
07-8058 70 min. $ 19.95 ©1993

Modeling, Commercials & Acting
07-8057 45 min. $ 14.95 ©1992

Musical occupations can range from full symphony orchestras to night club entertainment. The career development of selected musicians is presented to show typical examples of background and training.
07-0246 15 min. $ 29.95 ©1986

Musician's Guide to the Music Business
This Award-Winning informational program is geared to the millions of "wannabe" musicians, songwriters and performers trying to "make-it" in music. From gigging to getting a record deal, every chapter is jam-packed with practical hints, advice and anecdotes from outstanding music industry insiders from Sony, MCA, EMI, RuffHouse, Mercury Records and more. A&R Reps, Publishers, Agents, Managers and Lawyers reveal the "do's and don'ts" emerging artists must know about the music business.
07-4149 64 min. $ 19.95 ©1994

On the Air - Broadcast School in a Box
Learn to be a radio D.J., Sportscaster, or Talk Show Host. You'll learn what it takes to get a job as a professional radio air personality and you'll learn from the real professionals! Also, included are voice and diction exercises with a registered speech therapist. No need to spend thousands of dollars going to broadcast school anymore - now broadcast school can come to you!
07-4421 80 min. $ 34.95 ©1997

On Working the Hollywood System
Debbie Allen knows where she's going. In this program, she shares her strategies for stepping into the director's chair, developing new properties and becoming a self-producing force within the studio system.
07-4048 45 min. $ 39.95 ©1993

Performing Arts Technologies
Production assistants, make-up artists, special effects technicians, wardrobe supervisors, recording and audio engineers are examined at various facilities where they work, along with the equipment they operate. These technical occupations are specialized areas within the operation of television studios, theaters, motion picture studios and concert halls. Mention is made of the appropriate union involved with each profession.
07-0249 15 min. $ 29.95 ©1986

Picture Perfect: How To Become a Model
Ever wanted to know what it takes to become a model in today's world of fashion? Super-model Denise, is your guide to this tour of the basics of modeling. Let Denise show you how.
07-8064 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1987

Platinum Rainbow Video
Get an inside look at the recording industry and learn how to think realistically in a business based on fantasy. Learn how to promote yourself, find a manager, producer or agent, get free recording time, how to make a deal, recognize and record a hit song and what record companies look for.
07-8024 122 min. $ 29.95 ©1993 1-880957-01-9

Pro-Studio Techniques
A comprehensive guide to all aspects of professional recording using state-of-the-art technology--an essential guide for any musician, programmer or engineer. Subjects include: the mixing console, equalization, compression, microphones, effects, sequencing, sampling, multi-track formats and more. For the beginner to the experienced artist.
35-4053 80 min. $ 29.95 ©1999

Promoting Concerts From Rock To Pop
Art D'Lugoff, a New York impresario, and Ron Paskin, a midwest attorney turned promoter, talk about the nuts and bolts of promoting headline concert events.
07-0100 30 min. $ 89.95

Put Your Show on the Road
Music industry veterans provide practical tips on making a living as a professional musician. Marilyn Bohren, of Zephyr Artist, has 17 years of experience managing musicians and scheduling tours. Her seminar segments present important basic information to help talented musicians get out of the garage and start getting paid.
22-4021 51 min. $ 19.95 ©1994

Radio And Television Production
Sound recorders, video equipment operators, switchers and transmitter operators discuss their jobs and the prerequisite training found within a technical school program. Specializations such as record production are included. Filmed within radio stations, television stations and recording studios.
07-0258 15 min. $ 29.95 ©1986

Song Writer's Video Guide
Prepare to arm yourself with the proper tools to attack song writing from a professional approach! Lonnie Joe Howell is well known for his work with the Nashville Song Writers Association and outstanding harmonica playing. Lonnie teaches the craft of song writing and the fundamentals of music industry. He also teaches song analysis, and a simple, fun method for understanding music theory, the Nashville Number System, and tips to improve and market your original songs. Includes a reference manual and will be a great asset to developing your song writing skills.
22-6522 45 min. $ 14.95 ©1989 0-88149-669-3

Speaking of Creativity
How to be Creative, as told by the creators. Includes information from nine extraordinary individuals from the arts and entertainment industries who have excelled in their fields and who then reveal the secrets of their creativity.
25-4185 48 min. $ 29.95 ©2005

Conrad Palmisano, 34, is one of the 200 active, working stuntman in the United States today. In the profession for 14 years, Conrad is a California native, husband and father of two, and loves the challenge of his work.
07-0043 30 min. $ 89.95

Syd Fields Screenwriting Workshop
07-4464 125 min. $ 59 ©1999

Features Laura McKenzie.
07-8020 51 min. $ 39.95 ©1992
07-8021 45 min. $ 39.95 ©1992

Acclaimed author and respected consultant Noelle Nelson, Ph.D, has helped attorneys at the nation's top law firms win cases and maximize jury awards. Learn what it takes to prepare for that important litigation and to present yourself and your witness in a credible manner.
07-9269 47 min. $ 29.95
07-4103 50 min. $ 29.95 ©1994
07-9271 51 min. $ 29.95
07-9270 43 min. $ 29.95

Writing & Selling Your First Screenplay
A master class from a leading Screenwriter and lecturer at UCLA Extension and the American Film Institute. This video gives instruction on structure, dialogue, scene construction and seven other crucial subjects. Also includes interviews with a leading Hollywood literary agent and a top production executive.
07-9252 90 min. $ 29.95 ©1990

Writing And Journalism
Within broadcasting, newspapers and advertising, literature and industry, there are a large number of writing and journalism occupations. A spectrum of possibilities ranging from novelists to technical writers is surveyed. Various employment situations from freelance to salaried are highlighted. Editors give their input on what they expect from writers and journalists.
07-0265 15 min. $ 29.95 ©1986

Writing and Selling Your Song
Join Redd Stewart and learn the secrets to effective song writing and how to sell your song. Video contains Publishers who are willing to listen to your song!
22-8144 60 min. $ 29.95 ©1989

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