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Ace the Interview
Get the job you've always wanted. According to employer surveys, over 80% of all job seekers do not do a good job answering one or more problem interview questions. This thorough and informative program teaches interviewing skills in an interesting and effective way. During the program, 18 of the most frequently asked interview questions are presented with both good and bad answers. Specific interview techniques as well as proper attire are also addressed.
07-4284 55 min. $ 149 ©1995 1-57112-051-3

Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews
Before you even walk through the front door of a company for an interview, you better know a few things: what the business is all about; how to stay cool under pressure; and what your thoughts are about working with people of different race and gender. After all, an interview is a serious conversation about business, how you react to stress and what kind of person you really are. Creatively using a wrong way/right way format, this program illustrates potential pitfalls in the job interview and helps job seekers overcome them. This program is a gold mine of informative techniques to show job seekers how to do well in the interview and "Get The Job Offer"!
07-4297 40 min. $ 79.95 ©1995 1-56450-249-X

Extraordinary Answers to Common Interview Questions
All it takes it preparation. If job seeker's prepare will for the interview, they can approach any question with confidence and success. This program outlines key principles to effective interviewing and then applies those principles to numerous questions interviewers are most likely to ask. Perfect for anyone about to be interviewed, whether it's their first time or their twentieth.
07-4298 30 min. $ 79.95 ©1995 1-56450-250-3

First Impressions
The key to a successful interview is the ability to make a positive first impression. But how do you do it? Why is it necessary? What does it involve? This program helps you answer these and other questions. This introduces you to several people who are looking for jobs. Each one of them will have interviews, but only one will succeed. The viewer will decide the fate of the job seeker.
07-4286 30 min. $ 99 ©1994

Insider's Guide to Competitive Interviewing
Highly acclaimed video on interview skills. Peter Lefcowitz, a well-known recruiter, describes the preparation and delivery style that will make interviews successful. Very practical advice, based on years of hands on experience.
07-4032 60 min. $ 49.95 ©1992

Interview Power
Written by nationally recognized author and speaker on career topics, Tom Washington, "Interview Power" empowers job candidates to perform successfully in any interview situation. Tom is the author of "Resume Power", the complete guide to an effective resume, and "The Hunt", a complete guide to an effective job search. This video includes key interviewing skills through easy to understand demonstrations and how to answer the most difficult questions. Includes practical interviewing tips from Microsoft, Boeing and US West hiring managers.
07-4331 70 min. $ 29.95 ©1995

Interview Smart, Hire Right
Take the mystery out of hiring with this tested, step-by-step strategy that helps companies land the right person for the right job. You'll learn the essential "make or break" steps to hire smarter, faster and easier, including "The 7 Most Common Interview Errors," "The 4 Things You Must Do To Accurately Evaluate Any Candidate," plus "The Quick-Start Method" - how to help a new employee be productive immediately. Includes 2 video tapes, guidebook and special interview guide with 28 "can't miss" questions to reveal the true job candidate. Nominated by the American Library Association for a "Virgil," as the "Best How-To Video of the Year."
07-4034 46 min. $ 139 ©1992

Interview to Win Your First Job
Preparing college graduates for the world of work. This instructional program was designed with one goal in mind, to help graduates of technical, two-year, and four-year colleges prepare for their first job interview. This program focuses on a group of college seniors as they discuss their hopes and anxieties. Their unscripted, spontaneous concerns are addressed through a series of simulated job interviews.
07-4285 33 min. $ 129 ©1995 1-57112-050-5

Interviewing With Confidence: The Complete Guide for Successful Interviewing
This is a condensed version of a live seminar conducted by Peter Lefkowitz. Featured is information directed toward the job-seeking applicant with some work experience. Includes manual.
07-2841 105 min. $ 69.95 ©1988

Why Should I Hire You?
One of the most expected questions of the job interview process. It's also one of the most critical. Through a variety of vignettes, the viewer gets examples of how to answer that question for the employer before they ever get around to asking it. A narrator points out key elements of each scene, and offers topics for group discussion. There are several "breaks" during which viewers can pause the tape and discuss the scenario just presented. The diversity of this program makes it accessible for High School through adult. There are several scenarios that are appropriate for noncollege bound students as well. Includes workbook.
07-4328 15 min. $ 129 ©1997 1-56370-372-6

You're Hired!
Employers give tips for successful interviewing. Features: real employers from large and small businesses answer questions about what they look for in the people they hire; to encourage group discussion, this program is designed to be stopped after employers answer each question. Includes "How to Get a Job NOW!".
07-4325 21 min. $ 129 ©1997

You've Graduated...What Now?
07-4448 53 min. $ 29.95 ©1993

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