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Men's Issues

Coming Down From the Mountain
This is a ground breaking program about the healing that comes when one is finally able to discover the true meaning of being a man. It's about the attainment of deep masculinity and true manhood. John Lee shows how men can break destructive cycles and begin living fuller, happier lives.
23-401954 min.$ 49.95

Infertility: Exploring the Male Factor
Historically, infertility has been assumed to be primarily a woman's concern. However, 50 percent of cases involve male-related problems. Interviews with three couples and several physicians provide a basic introduction to those myriad potential male problems and suggests therapeutic regimens that might resolve them. Discusses appropriate timing of intercourse, past history, physical examination for anatomic abnormalities, semen analysis, endocrine testing, urinalysis, and surgical intervention. Created for use by infertile couples. The video stresses the need for self-education and awareness by healthcare consumers.
20-403147 min.$ 34.95©1993

Sex & Selfhood
This four part series featuring John Stoltenberg, author of "Refusing to be a Man," discusses issues of importance to men including: Sexual Objectification; Male Bonding; Homophobia; and Pornography. Discussion Guide included.
23-401680 min.$ 139.95©1992

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