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Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?
This delves into the famous purported 1947 crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico, and the alleged government cover-up. This special speaks with experts, including cynics and believers, in the fields of film, pathology and special effects. Viewers are asked to decide for themselves whether the footage is authentic or not.
17-412970 min.$ 19.95©1995 1-57362-096-3

Listen to the Spin Doctor tell the tale of how Aliens developed the human race; why AIDS was created by the Navy for population control in Africa, how Delta Force commandos and American scientists were killed by Aliens, all from John Lear, the son of the inventor of the Lear Jet. Lear's story may not be true, but like they say, "That's Entertainment!"
Alien Revelations, Part II17-422860 min.$ 29.95
Alien Revelations, Part I17-422760 min.$ 29.95

Aliens From Spaceship Earth
A voyage through space and an exploration inside ourselves. This film reveals a contrast between Eastern and Western ideas of reality. Narrated by Donovan and Rene Davis and Features: Ram Dass, Baba Muktananda, Satya Sia Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Swami Satchananda, A.C. Bhaktivedanta and many more.
17-421390 min.$ 29.95

The exciting story of Eduard Meier, an uneducated Swiss caretaker, who experienced a series of on-going close encounters with extraterrestrial beings from the star cluster we call the Pleiades. Meier documents his contacts with hundreds of 35mm photographs, 8mm movie footage, metal fragments and audio recordings from the Beamships and numerous eye witnesses who came forward to support his claims.
Beamship Movie Footage17-410060 min.$ 49.95©1986
Beamship: Metal Analysis17-409945 min.$ 39.95©1986
Meier Chronicles17-410190 min.$ 59.95©1986
zzBeamship Trilogy Set17-4098195 min.$ 99.95

Bob Lazar & Excerpts From the Government Bible
Whistle-blowing physicist Bob Lazar shatters the cloak of secrecy surrounding the UFO program at the infamous Area 51 test site at Groom Lake, Nevada! Lazar describes his involvement in back-engineering a captured disc, the physics behind their interstellar propulsion system and attempts by the U.S. Government to discredit him.
17-404055 min.$ 39.95©1994

Colin Andrews, The Truth About Crop Circles
Live from Madison Square Gardens, this covers some of Andrews research that crop patterns are one of several "signs" of change in our world at a time in history when change is essential. What is happening in the fields of our planet is part of the interaction between man's consciousness and the living environment. The crop circles and the changes we see in climate, weather and consciousness are all part of the signs of our times.
17-424460 min.$ 19.95

Contact UFO: Alien Abductions
The first video to examine the frightening phenomena of alien abduction. Through probing interviews with abductees and a full presentation of the evidence, including unexplainable scars, implants and tape recordings of hypnosis sessions, you'll learn what it means to be taken by a force you don't understand. Featuring: John Mack, Bud Hopkins, author of Intruders and Betty Hill, an abductee.
13-829190 min.$ 79.98©1991

Countdown to Alien Nation
On this tape, Lindemann reveals the phases of the U.S. Government UFO cover-up since 1947, how the "New World Order" depends on "spin control" as a political weapon, the profound implication that alien/human interaction by the year 2000 may have on human values and how to prepare for the unprecedented changes ahead.
17-4038115 min.$ 29.95©1992 1-56889-965-3

Crop Circle Communique
The most in-depth expose ever assembled on the origins of the Crop Circle phenomenon. Arthur C. Clark was quoted to say, "This is one of the most fascinating films I have ever seen".
17-421475 min.$ 29.95

Crop Circle Communique II, Revelations
Humans learn to communicate with ET's via Crop formations and a connection to our human origins is discussed.
17-421560 min.$ 19.95

Down in Roswell
Follow the roller coaster ride of TV news and media coverage, interviews, and press conferences about the most famous UFO case in history - The Roswell Incident! Hosted by Paul Davids, Executive Producer of the Showtime movie "Roswell".
17-424560 min.$ 19.95

Farewell Good Brothers
A provocative film about a small collection of people who, back in the 1950's, claimed to have been contacted by friendly visitors from the planet Venus.
17-410590 min.$ 19.95©1992 1-56331-010-4

Flying Saucers Are Real!
Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist and noted lecturer, tells the complete story of the government's secret recovery of two crashed saucers with alien bodies from the desert in Rosewll, New Mexico in 1947...the U.S. Governments biggest cover-up. Includes nine separate eyewitness accounts from the U.S. Army personnel who actually transported the crashed saucers and others who had direct contact with the autopsy of the alien bodies. Includes a fold-out map of the Saucer Crash Sites with photos and identification of the key eyewitnesses that recovered the crafts and beings aboard.
17-404183 min.$ 9.95©1994 O-9640420-1-0

Flying Saucers are Real! Volume 2
In this episode Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman details the startling story of Betty and Barney Hill, the first abduction story to receive international attention. Discover where some Alien visitors to earth are likely to originate and learn new facts about the Alien Autopsy film footage and the results of the GAO study on the Roswell incident and the most important government documents ever leaked to the public.
17-421660 min.$ 14.95

Golden Anniversary UFO Briefing
This UFO Briefing marks a truly historic military moment - celebrating 50 years of achievement by U.S. armed forces, while at the same time perhaps signaling the beginning of the end of 50 years of official denial of UFO's.
17-424660 min.$ 19.95

Grand Deception: UFO's, Area 51, and the U.S. Government
A secret international government will stage an extraterrestrial event in the fall of 1995 to bring about a New World Order...an ominous totalitarian system long prophesied. Includes actual videotape footage of unusual aerial objects in flight over Groom Lake's S-4 site in area 51.
17-4039100 min.$ 29.95©1994 1-56889-959-9

Hidden Memories: Are You a UFO Abductee?
In "Hidden Memories" Budd Hopkins, best-selling author of "Missing Time" and "Intruders", analyzes symptoms commonly reported by UFO abductees and how to question young children who may have been abducted. Valuable for UFO researchers, therapists, and anyone who suspects they have been abducted.
17-403192 min.$ 29.95©1993 1-56889-002-8


NASA-Cydonia Briefings - Volume 117-401283 min.$ 24.95©1991 0-9640420-0-2
U.N. Briefing, The Terrestrial Connection - Volume 217-4033115 min.$ 34.95©1992

Journey to the Hollow Earth
A comprehensive, fact based study into Science, Mythology and Folklore behind the theory that the earth has a hollow realm.
17-421730 min.$ 14.95

Messengers of Destiny
Thousands of people and 17 different video cameras witnessed a wave of UFO activity over Mexico City beginning on the solar eclipse of July, 1991. This documentary includes startling footage and suggests these events are linked to ancient Mayan prophecies that foretell the return of star beings to Earth!
17-403677 min.$ 39.95©1992

Nazi UFOS & The Illuminati Conspiracy
Secret Nazi war files reveal flying disks allegedly developed by the Germans during WWII; learn about anti-gravity; free energy; the alleged 1944 joint Japanese/German flight to Mars, the illuminati's secret plan to dominate the world, Luciferian legends, the Urantia Book and more weird stuff.
17-422490 min.$ 29.95©1991

Candid conversations among the world's top ufologists.
One on One on UFO's-Complete 3-Volume Set17-4032190 min.$ 79.95©1992 1-56889-980-7
One on One on UFO's, Volume 217-419360 min.$ 29.95©1995 1-56889-978-5
One on One on UFO's, Volume 317-419460 min.$ 29.95©1995 1-56889-979-3
One on One on UFO's, Volume 117-419560 min.$ 29.95©1995 1-56889-977-7

Learn how the U.S. Navy tested Nicola Tesla's and Albert Einstein's Time Travel and Invisibility theory; secrets of Tesla's death ray; government use of UFO/Alien technology; all from Al Bielek, the guy who claims he was propelled 40 years into the future on this twilight zone adventure. Features on TV's "Strange Universe".
Philadelphia Experiment, Part I17-422545 min.$ 29.95
Philadelphia Experiment, Part II17-4226110 min.$ 39.95

Pleiadian Connection
In 1975, Eduard "Billy" Meier began a series of personal contacts with ET's from a cluster of stars known as The Pleiades. The information contained within this tape is based on his many conversations with "Semjase", the Pleiadian cosmonaut. Mr. J. Randolph Winters, the narrator of this tape, has been studying this information for many years. He will be sharing with you some of the Pleiadian message which includes Earth History, our Spiritual Development, The Laws of Creation, how the Beamships fly, plus many more fascinating subjects. Also included are over 100 of Billy's photos.
17-407560 min.$ 29.95

Rods, Mysterious Objects Among Us!
UFO sightings number in the millions worldwide. This documents cameraman and filmmaker Jose Escamilla and his wife Karen on a journey to seek out and capture real UFO's on film. For the first time, you will see remarkable daytime video that proves UFO's do exist. Testimony by renowned UFO researchers corroborate the authenticity of this video. And now, by following the simple instructions on this program, you too can locate, capture and analyze real UFO's on video.
17-421990 min.$ 29.95©190

Roswell - The Naked Truth
The first few days in July, 1947, would forever change the lives of the residence in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. Jim Ragsdale not only saw the crash of a flying saucer, he also saw the bodies of the little people. A few days before his death, Jim Ragsdale would tell his story for the first time, ushering in a new chapter in the most famous case in UFO history.
17-424760 min.$ 19.95

Secrets of Dreamland
Classified Government documents reveal a connection between US Government black budget programs and the testing of alien technology at Area 51. Norio Hayakawa is considered a leading expert on US government military black budget programs and technology that is secretly being tested, including alleged super aeronautics and avionics, military software programs, world wide data control systems, simulation technology and hosts of startling mind control weaponry. See photographs and film footage of all these amazing developments by the foremost researcher in the field.
17-422060 min.$ 14.95

Appearing in the series are leading American, Russian and European researchers, people whose profession is the investigation of UFOs and pararnormal enigmas. These experts reveal the findings for their investigations and their shattering visions of the future. Eyewitnesses and people abducted by UFOs recount their own chilling experiences.
Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Parts 1 & 217-4137120 min.$ 12.99©1996
Message From Another Dimension17-413660 min.$ 7.99©1996
Mystery of Life and Death: Parts 1 & 217-4138120 min.$ 12.99©1996
UFO and Paranormal Phenomena SET17-4139300 min.$ 34.99©1996

UFO Secret: The Roswell Crash
In-depth documentary on the famous crash retrieval and military cover-up of an alien disc in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, including interviews with eye witnesses! Based on years of research by authors Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt.
17-403577 min.$ 39.95©1992

UFO Sightings
Investigator Michael Lindemann meets author Bill Hamilton who unravels a bizarre story concerning aliens who allegedly work with US government employees in top secret underground facilities.
17-419064 min.$ 19.95©1996 1-888548-00-2

UFO's Above and Beyond
For the first time in history, see shocking and never before seen video: UFO water landings, alien probes, dematerializing alien craft, 10,000 year old UFO cave paintings, Area 51, mass sightings, 54, physical evidence and more! Host James Doohan, Star Trek's "Scotty", introduces leading scientist and UFO researchers as they come forth with their findings and evidence that we're being visited by highly advanced civilizations. Scientists and computer special effects artist are on hand to investigate footage, verify accounts and separate fact from fiction.
17-424950 min.$ 24.95©1997

UFO's And The New World Order
Michael Lindemann reveals his dramatic research showing that alien beings are present on Earth, a secret government faction has kept this covered up for over 40 years and this elite behind-the-scenes government is attempting to consolidate power and wealth on a planetary scale to preserve order during the coming times of upheaval. He counters the doom-and-gloom scenario with the fact that millions of people are waking up and ready to enter the "galactic community of intelligence."
17-403748 min.$ 24.95©1992 1-56889-964-5

UFO's in America
UFO Forum Director, Tricia McCannon, unravels the mystery of why U.S. government officials have kept secret their involvement with UFO's (which millions report seeing and many claim having been on board), while at the same time conducting a covert public education program about extra-terrestrials.
17-416354 min.$ 29.95©1995

UFO's: It Has Begun
As far back as 500 B.C., UFO sightings have been recorded. It continues to be a worldwide phenomena. No single country has not had a series of sightings. What you are about to see is based on fact. It will fascinate some. Some will find it frightening. But it is all true. It has begun!
17-400597 min.$ 19.95©1989 1-55739-196-2

UFO's: The Secret Evidence
The most comprehensive collection of original UFO footage ever presented in a video documentary. Includes interviews with experts like Col. Wendelle Stevens, Zecharia Sitchin & Bob Lazar. Winner of the 1993 EBE Award, UFO Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada.
17-4034110 min.$ 39.95 1-56889-003-6

UFO's: The Secret Evidence
With 44 original UFO films from all around the world, most of them never shown before, including films from the archives of NASA and the US Air Force.
17-419160 min.$ 39.95©1995

UFO-The Untold Stories
Although most UFO sightings can be explained, 10% of all reports remain mysterious. This provocative new film analyzes real video footage, photographic evidence, as well as statements of eyewitnesses in the U.S., Europe, and for the first time ever the former Soviet Union.
17-410850 min.$ 19.95©1994 1-56938-101-1

UFO-The Untold Stories Continue
Delves further into the fantastic cases presented in the original best-selling program. Real UFO footage and startling eyewitness interviews shed light on recent sightings in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and many others.
17-416160 min.$ 19.95©1996 1-56938-091-0

UFOs and the Alien Presence
Details the official coverup from its beginning in 1947 with the saucer crash at Roswell, New Mexico, to the discovery of "above top secret" CIA documents that verify UFOs as intelligently-guided extra-terrestrial craft. You'll examine genuine government documents, be taken inside a captured alien craft and see evidence of unexplained animal mutilations. Produced by Bruce Spears and hosted and written by investigative journalist Michael Lindemann.
17-425835 min.$ 24.95©1992

UFOs, Encounters and Abductions
This extraordinary program examines all the evidence, including shocking rare photographs, films and eyewitness interviews, to create the ultimate UFO dossier.
17-4253100 min.$ 19.98©1997 1-56501-825-7

Visitors From Space
The age of unidentified flying objects (UFO's) has been with us since the closing days of the second world war. This program shows the background of the UFO phenomenon in a comprehensive and investigative manner and explores the overwhelming evidence supporting the presence of both UFO's and extraterrestrial beings. Includes talks of medical experiments conducted on abducted humans by Et's and of physical evidence of landings, that lead us to the unavoidable conclusion that life as we know it is not life as we know it at all!
17-405256 min.$ 39.95©1992 1-877684-07-4

Who's Out There?
Orson Wells narrates this film examining recent scientific conclusions that intelligent civilizations exist elsewhere in the universe.
17-414960 min.$ 12.99 1-57642-892-3

World of the Unknown
Has there been a conspiracy against truth regarding the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, mind control energy and faith healing? Now, the truth is revealed in a mind boggling film which boldly explores these crucial questions. Is there a connection between the lost continent of Atlantic, UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, mind control energy, faith healing and angels?
17-424860 min.$ 19.95

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