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All Time Fiddle Favorites
Ed Marsh teaches you note by note, how to play many fiddle favorites such as: "Orange Blossom Special", "Listen to the Mockingbird", "Faded Love" and many favorite waltzes and breakdowns. This will put you at a much higher level of fiddle playing.
22-8054 60 min. $ 29.95

Basic Bluegrass Fiddle by Ed Marsh
This video teaches a variety of bluegrass fiddle licks and also many of the famous solos that you have heard on your favorite bluegrass records. Ed also teaches you how to build your sound like the professional players.
22-4053 60 min. $ 29.95

Basic Irish Fiddle with Dale Russ
Dale shows you the elements of the Irish Fiddle style. Included are exercises to develop coordination in both hands, basic bowing techniques, slides, grace notes, or bowed triplets. He demonstrates combining these techniques within various dance rhythms to make the traditional Irish fiddle style available to the student.
22-0288 60 min. $ 39.95

Beginning Fiddle
Learn tuning, finger positions, timing, key scales, a variety of fiddle tunes and much more.
22-2881 55 min. $ 29.95 ©1992

Country Fiddle with Ed Marsh
This course is designed for beginning players and provides an outstanding introduction to country style fiddle set-up and tuning. It also includes examples of country intros, back up styles and practical exercises for technical development.
22-0640 60 min. $ 29.95

Fiddler's Guide to Waltzes, Airs and Haunting Melodies with Jay Unger.
If you liked the music on the recent PBS Civil War documentary, this program is for you. Designed for people who already play fiddle.
22-4497 90 min. $ 39.95

Learn to Play Cajun Fiddle by Michael Doucet
Michael Doucet, the Grammy-nominated fiddler from Beausoleil, breaks down the stylistic devices that give Cajun music its distinctive sound - slurs, harmonies, ornaments and more - and teaches over a dozen waltzes, two-steps, blues and breakdowns.
22-4229 90 min. $ 39.95 ©1993

Learn to Play Cajun Fiddle with Michael Doucet
The title says it. Designed for intermediate fiddlers.
22-4499 90 min. $ 39.95

Learn to Play the Fiddle Appalachian Style with Evo Bluestein
Evo Demonstrates the proper old time fiddle techniques of bowing, finger position, slides, rhythmic emphasis and a selection of tunes including: the Appalachian fiddle style stems from the unique combination of Celtic dance music and Afro/American tradition. This tape is ideal for the beginner or the folk music enthusiast wanting an authentic approach to the Appalachian folk style.
22-0286 60 min. $ 39.95

Learning Bluegrass Fiddle with Kenny Kosek.
Start at the beginning and become a bluegrass fiddler.
22-4501 90 min. $ 39.95

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