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Basic TTeam with Llamas
Marty McGee studied intensively with Linda Tellington-Jones, who created TTeam as an innovative way of working with horses. Marty applied the TTeam approach to hundreds of llamas, adapting the techniques as the llamas showed her what worked best with them. The results are remarkable.
24-8051 120 min. $ 64.95 ©1991

Five Star Llama Packing
This entertaining program is loaded with information and demonstrations. The five stars are experienced commercial packers who share insights gained from years of experience.
24-9081 120 min. $ 39.95 ©1990

Llama Reproduction: Neonatal Clinic
This informative video covers reproductive anatomy, breeding, fetal development, birthing and newborn care. It also contains several live llama births. Includes book.
24-9802 210 min. $ 94.95 ©1989

Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know
A popular tape for people who are thinking of acquiring llamas as well as very useful for llama owners. Bobra Goldsmith demonstrates specific methods for both young and adult llamas.
24-9803 120 min. $ 64.95 ©1988

Training Llamas to Drive with Bobra Goldsmith
Topics include preparing the llama for driving, fitting the harness, the first driving lesson, the touch of the reins, ground driving, introducing the llama to the cart, riding in the cart and safety.
24-9804 120 min. $ 64.95 ©1989

Why Llamas
If you've ever wondered, "Why llamas?" you will wonder no more after seeing this delightful videotape. You'll hear the humming, shrieking and ogling of llama language. Taking care of llamas and their history are also covered. Features a soundtrack by the Andean music of Sukay.
24-9805 52 min. $ 29.95 ©1987

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