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City That Forgot About Christmas
This program features Benji and Waldo who learn about a city that neglected Christmas until it was almost too late.
27-0168 55 min. $ 19.95 ©1987

Commitment & Faith
Experience Jerry Johnston live before 17,000 kids challenging them to "Make Up Their Minds" regarding their commitment to Jesus Christ. Johnston illustrates his point with the profound story of a teenager named Daniel living in Babylon. Some of today's well known contemporary figures are shown taking a stand for what they believe. It's time we as Christians make a positive commitment and take a stand for the right reasons.
27-4096 30 min. $ 19.95 ©1992 8-0301787-9-4

27-4007 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1987
27-4013 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1987
27-4016 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1987
27-4014 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1987
27-4015 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1987
27-4012 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1987

Daniel and the Lion's Den
Daniel's faith is put to the ultimate test when he is thrown into a den of hungry lions. Stars Gavin Macleod.
27-0132 30 min. $ 14.95

Danny Lion: Always Tell the Truth
Here, Danny Lion is given money to buy decorations for the Fun Day Picnic, but ends up buying a pet "Blobit" instead.
27-2551 40 min. $ 19.95

David and Goliath
Armed only with a sling and his faith, David defends the Kingdom of Israel against the mighty Philistine warrior, Goliath. Stars Robby Benson and Herschel Bernardi.
27-0128 30 min. $ 14.95

Don't Check Your Brains at the Door
Josh McDowell declares overwhelming evidences for the Christian faith in easy-to-understand terms that will ground your young people in the reasons for faith. Designed as a "Ready Defense", this series will equip your junior high and high school students with answers to tough questions about what they believe. Features music videos by Petra and Al Denson. Two tape set.
27-4108 120 min. $ 79.99 ©1992 0-84991-155-9

A very special Bar Mitzvah story. A boy who believes and a community that cares are the real life heroes of this unforgettable story of unbeatable odds and unshakable faith. Afflicted with cerebral palsy, Eugene is determined to be Bar Mitzvah'd and with courage, caring and a dedicated team of computer experts, the child of silence finds his voice as a man. A highly acclaimed ABC TV Network special.
27-4204 50 min. $ 32.95 ©1995

This program can assist you in building your receptionist skills. Both volumes cover techniques to help make you a more effective and satisfied receptionist.
10-4425 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1996 0-7644-9703-0
27-4189 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1995 1-55945-582-9

I Didn't Do It!
In this special "News to Youth" edition, learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family from this monstrous plague.
27-4094 30 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 0-84998-511-0

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
Joshua leads his army in a march around the walled city of Jericho, culminating in a spectacular entrance to the Promised Land. Stars Edward Asner and Mariette Hartley.
27-0129 30 min. $ 16.95

Lemon Lion: That's Not Fair
Here, Danny Lion, Bubba the Orangutan and Spike the Porcupine each want to pick the watermelon they grew together.
27-2552 30 min. $ 19.95

Let's Dance
Vibrant, upbeat, high-energy, animated, fun-filled music describes this program. Guaranteed to get little ones off the couch and into motion. Choreographed movements take on an air of spontaneity children can easily imitate. Ages 2-7.
27-4118 22 min. $ 10.99 ©1995 1-57341-033-0

Life on the Edge: Preparing for the Challenges of Adulthood
Dr. James C. Dobson talks heart-to-heart with those who are about to launch into life on their own. This tackles misguided thinking about respect, love, safe sex, God's will, emotions, and lifestyle choices as Dobson offers sound scriptural advice for making positive decisions and developing lasting values. Your youth will be equipped with the tools they need to treat themselves and others with dignity, develop lasting relationships, stand up against peer pressure, and discover God's desires for their lives.
27-4110 210 min. $ 139.99 ©1993 0-84998-037-2

Little Visits With God
Family devotions are very important to spiritual growth but are often difficult to get started or keep meaningful. You and your children will enjoy meeting the delightful, life-like puppets which with animation, live actors and a grandfatherly storyteller, present adapted and updated devotional stories.
27-0197 70 min. $ 19.95

Magic Boy's Easter
Josh has a serious problem--too serious, some might say, for a 12-year old to bear alone. What he discovers, through a vivid dream experience is that he need never be alone again. Christ's merciful love will see him through the life of faith that is just beginning for him. Starring Bernie Kopell of "The Love Boat".
27-8038 25 min. $ 16.95

Mission Explorer Video Series
A 13-session global adventure which explores God's work in many cultures. For 1 - 6 grades.
27-4195 146 min. $ 169.99 ©1996 8030494793

Moses confronts the evil Pharaoh and, after a series of destructive plagues, leads the Israelites out of slavery. Stars James Whitmore and James Earl Jones.
27-0127 30 min. $ 16.95

Travel back in time to the tiny village of Bethlehem and witness the world's most miraculous event - the birth of the Christ Child. Experience the faith of Mary and Joseph (voices of Helen Hunt and Gregory Harrison) and the evil of King Herod (voice of Vincent Price).
27-1776 30 min. $ 16.95

Noah's Ark
The heavens unleash a torrent of rain, but Noah, his family and animals of every kind are ready. Stars Lorne Greene and Charlotte Ray.
27-0130 30 min. $ 16.95

Samson and Delilah
The Philistines resort to treachery, bribing Delilah to obtain the secret of Samson's strength. Years later Samson's strength returns and he seeks revenge against the Philistines. Stars Perry King and Linda Purl.
27-0131 30 min. $ 16.95

Spike: Be Kind to One Another
In this episode Danny Lion and Spike the Porcupine compete for the title in the World Championship Hide-and-Seek Contest.
27-2553 35 min. $ 19.95

Story of Joseph
10-9131 30 min. $ 12.95 ©1988 1-56371-005-6

Teenage Q & A Video Series with Josh McDowell
In this fun-filled series, guys and girls find answers to their most perplexing questions. Based on years of research and thousands of young people's questions, this series will help your youth group discover insights about themselves that will help them form biblically based relationships.
27-4117 120 min. $ 79.99 ©1990 0-84991-157-5

Features Laura McKenzie.
27-6193 30 min. $ 9.95 ©1982 1-56371-084-6
27-9133 $ 19.95 ©1989 1-56371-085-4
27-9134 30 min. $ 9.95 ©1982 1-56371-086-2

Who's Watching Me
Youngsters will be equipped with the knowledge to avoid abduction. They will also be prepared with a plan of action if they should become lost.
27-4093 18 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 0-84998-510-2

Acclaimed author and respected consultant Noelle Nelson, Ph.D, has helped attorneys at the nation's top law firms win cases and maximize jury awards. Learn what it takes to prepare for that important litigation and to present yourself and your witness in a credible manner.
27-4025 45 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-151-9
27-4021 45 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-155-1
27-4022 45 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-153-5
27-4026 45 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-152-7
27-4020 40 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-143-8
27-4024 50 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-150-0
27-4023 50 min. $ 14.99 ©1994 1-56480-156-x

X-Nilo Show, The: Dinosaurs and the Bible
An exciting new program for kids, which promotes a biblical world view through examining various views of origins. Join Professor Kurt as he explores the answers to questions about dinosaurs. For ages 7-13.
27-4213 28 min. $ 19.95 ©1998 1-57341-084-5

Zaccheus - Attitude of Gratitude
Bumble Bee-Happy leads a Sunday school class back to bible times to an exciting town of Jericho. Experience what happens to Zaccheus and the rest of the townspeople when a stranger arrives in town and begins changing the attitudes of those around him.
27-4070 30 min. $ 14.95 ©1995 1-57341-022-5

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