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Caribbean & West Indies

Explore Antigua's lively attractions such as the 18th century restored dockyard and English Harbor. On the flat coral Island of Barbuda, enjoy solitude, bird watching, hiking, and peaceful beaches. Part of the AAA Travel Video Series.
32-4538 45 min. $ 24.95 ©1995 1-56251-203-X

Explore the fascinating landscape of Aruba's north coast-exotic cactus mix with the island's trademark "Watapana" or Divi Divi Trees. From old pirates lairs to abandoned gold mines, the romance of this Dutch island will capture your imagination! Catch the shows complete with "Copa dancers" and exciting international entertainers - or try your luck at the many casinos. Get away from it all to Aruba...your escape to Paradise!
32-5221 47 min. $ 29.95 ©1990

Travel this string of Islands that stretches 760 miles from Florida to the Dominican Republic. Discover why pleasure travelers the world over enjoy this destination's tropical beaches, water activities, and quaint towns. Part of the AAA Travel Video Series.
32-4540 60 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 1-56251-197-1

Bahamas - Holiday in the Bahamas
Start your visit to this nation of 700 islands in Nassau, where pirates, slave traders, and rum runners used to rub elbows. Take a carriage ride to Prince George Wharf then continue on to Parliament Square, with its pink colonial buildings. Stroll through the shopper's paradise of Bay Street and the Straw Market, where bargains are everywhere. Walk past marching pink flamingoes, dive among coral reefs, and go para-sailing at one of the fabulous beaches. A Video Visits program.
32-5032 40 min. $ 24.95 ©1988 0-929756-09-6

Bahamas: Family of Islands
Find out what makes the Bahamas so special in this overview which features the flora, fauna, and historical items of interest of this "family of islands." Swim the clear blue ocean and walk the clean white sands of some of the world's finest beaches. All this and more awaits the viewer in this excellent production.
32-0214 25 min. $ 19.95

Bahamas: Passport Travel Guide the fascinating people of the Bahamas. Visit the exotic surroundings of Nassau, Freeport and the many out islands with their perfect weather and charming customs.
32-6439 35 min. $ 16.95

A precious jewel in a string of tropical islands, Barbados is known as the "Gateway to the Caribbean". Enjoy a night on the town in discos and jazz clubs. Take in a lively stage show featuring steel drums and calypso bands. Barbados is a land thriving on diversity.
32-4397 39 min. $ 29.95 ©1990

Come to England's oldest colony, influenced by royal traditions. Bermuda, a graceful string of volcanic islands set jewel-like in an azure sea, beckoning newlyweds, sportsmen and sun seekers. Explore majestic coves and inlets in this 150-island archipelago. Dine in outdoor cafes and five-star restaurants. Discover European heritage, tropical style.
32-4376 27 min. $ 29.95 ©1990

Best of the Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands are three of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Our tape takes you to the best hotels, restaurants, dive facilities and attractions on these tiny islands. The friendliest people in the world live on Cayman.
32-4201 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1994

British Virgin Islands - Yacht Chartering
Charter a yacht and stop at uninhabited islands, with turquoise water and secluded white beaches.
32-0351 49 min. $ 29.95 ©1987

The Caribbean is a portrait of chains of islands bathed by the beautiful Caribbean Sea and drenched in year-round sunshine. From the native mystique of Jamaica to the beat of the steel drums on Trinidad to the underwater paradise of the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean is a magical place. Enjoy the European flavor of the Virgin Islands, the tropical flowers of Martinique and the modern rush of Puerto Rico. Each island is inviting, intriguing and inescapably fun.
32-4620 75 min. $ 29.95 ©1995 1-56345-463-7

Caribbean Islands
50-4123 35 min. $ 12.99 ©1992 0-929756-57-6

Caribbean: Passport Travel Guide
Island hop with Gunther Less in the lush, tropical Caribbean, guaranteed to warm your heart! See the unique combination of the influence of old world explorers and native character. The Bahamas' night life and beautiful beaches are uncovered and Haiti's throbbing voodoo drums, calypso music, tropical sports, quaint villages and choice foods underscore the magic of this island playground paradise.
32-4014 66 min. $ 16.95 ©1990

Cayman Islands
This video takes you on a tour of Grand Cayman, little Cayman & Cayman Brae. You will get a look at the beaches, dinning, restaurants, hotels and clubs that make the Cayman Islands one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world.
32-5008 25 min. $ 24.95

32-0358 90 min. $ 39.95
32-2427 60 min. $ 29.95
32-2428 60 min. $ 29.95
32-5661 60 min. $ 29.95

Cuba and Haiti
32-4640 48 min. $ 19.99 ©1999

Old World Europe and Caribbean culture, rural charm and cosmopolitan sophistication, secluded beaches and stately mansion, all these unusual contrasts blend to make Curacao a bit of Amsterdam in the Caribbean.
32-4398 59 min. $ 29.95 ©1988

Dive Bonaire
In the West Indies, about 50 miles north of Venezuela, lies the crescent shaped island of Bonaire. Bonaire is one of the most popular dive destinations in the Caribbean with year-round temperate climate and up to 125 feet underwater visibility. Dutch culture, a West Indian lifestyle and some of the best diving in the world describes Bonaire.
32-4399 36 min. $ 29.95 ©1988

Dive Cayman
Explore Stingray City, Tarpon Alley, the wreck of the Oro Verde, Sweetlips, and the Wall are the stars of Dive Cayman. Underwater experts take you on a fantastic voyage to the Cayman Islands, a dive trip you will want to remember.
32-4207 30 min. $ 29.95 ©1994

Dive U. S. Virgin Islands
Schools of brilliantly colored fish, magnificent formations of elkhorn coral, the ill-fated sunken Cartanser Senior, all these underwater wonders lie off the coast of the U. S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. John and ST. Croix. A memorable dive vacation, the U. S. Virgin Islands, the American Paradise.
32-4407 46 min. $ 29.95 ©1988

Dominican Republic
Located in the Caribbean Sea between Jamaica and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic was gateway to the New World five hundred years ago after its discovery by Christopher Columbus. Discover this contemporary country with beautiful beaches and well preserved history.
32-4408 57 min. $ 29.95 ©1988

Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo
Espanola, the Caribbean Island discovered by Christopher Columbus; palm beaches and grandiose mountain chains; the capital, Santo Domingo and all the attractions of this Caribbean Paradise.
32-4134 30 min. $ 24.95 ©1995

Freeport, Bahamas
World-class hotels and matchless beaches are the focal point of the adventure to this tropical paradise of floral-lined streets.
32-0046 60 min. $ 44.95

Grand Cayman
Included in this tour of Grand Cayman are duty- free shops, windsurfing, Hobie cat sailing, jet-skiing, hidden beaches and the Cayman Turtle Farm.
32-0376 30 min. $ 16.95

How to Enjoy Jamaica: The Unofficial Guide
32-4598 29 min. $ 14.95 ©1997

Islands of the Caribbean
Join Video Visits and discover the Dominican Republic, where you'll see cane harvested. Experience Puerto Rico's high-rise towers, dazzling casinos, hidden retreats and protected rain forest parks. Enter St. Thomas, a shopper's paradise or go sailing on turquoise waters. Sway to the rhythms of calypso and reggae in Trinidad.
32-8033 53 min. $ 24.95 ©1990 0-929756-54-1

Visit "Xamayca", the land of water and woods the Arawak Indians described to Christopher Columbus. Delight in premier Caribbean resorts, spectacular attractions, and even the remains of the notoriously rich and wicked city of Port Royal. Part of the AAA Travel Video Series.
32-4537 60 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 1-56251-199-8

Jamaica - Land of Wood and Water
Join Video Visits and discover the lush tropical paradise of Jamaica, 3rd largest island in the Caribbean. Begin in Spanish Town and continue on to Kingston, the nation's business and cultural center. Take in a cricket match, visit a coffee plantation, then learn about the Hollywood stars who made Port Antonio a playground of the 40's. Then off to Montego Bay, where open-air markets, glorious beaches, and exciting nightlife beckon.
32-5191 50 min. $ 24.95 ©1990 0-929756-21-5

Jamaica Experience, The
32-4607 47 min. $ 29.95 ©19 1-56345-314-2

Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau, the cosmopolitan playground of the Bahamas. Spin the wheel in lavish casinos. Experience the local cuisine and bargain-hunt duty- free for watches, jewelry, cameras, and perfume. Enjoy parasailing, windsurfing, tennis, golf and scuba diving. Climb to Fort Fincastle on the queen's steps dating back to 1770. Also included is a Reference Guide to resort and hotels plus travel tips by Berlitz travel guides.
32-0051 60 min. $ 29.95

Puerto Rico
Uncover the rich history and culture on which this popular port destination was founded. Travel from the historic remnants of famed Caribbean island fortresses to the awe inspiring natural beauty of the El Yunque Rain Forest. Part of the AAA Travel Video Series.
32-4534 50 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 1-56251-202-1

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
Join Video Visits and travel to sunny Puerto Rico beginning at El Morro, the Spanish fortress that once protected the island from marauders and would-be conquerors. Then stroll through Old San Juan, with its 16th-century atmosphere of pastel walls and wooden balconies.
32-5030 45 min. $ 24.95 ©1988 0-929756-08-8

St. Croix
Live the Caribbean legend, where visitors are spoiled by natives, cuisine is exotic and accommodations are pampering. Such a place is St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
32-0054 43 min. $ 29.95 ©1989

St. Kitts - The Video Guide
This video is perfect for those who want to learn more about St. Kitts, those interested in visiting St. Kitts, and a must for anyone eager to share their Caribbean experience with others. This program highlights the fascinating history, the natural beauty, pristine beaches and many activities available around the island.
32-8233 43 min. $ 29.95 ©1992

St. Martin
Delightfully Dutch and fantastically French, this dual nation Caribbean island is a little bit of Europe under the sun. St. Martin boasts three dozen of the world's prettiest beaches. Here, crystal waters are ideal for snorkeling, scuba-diving, and sailing.
32-0147 47 min. $ 29.95 ©1989

St. Thomas/St. John
These cities of the U.S. Virgin Islands are explored for their beautiful beaches, wonderful water sports and duty-free shopping. Languish on the sun drenched islands of St. Thomas & St. John and discover for yourself the true definition of the phrase "Tropical Paradise".
32-0055 43 min. $ 29.95 ©1987

Features Laura McKenzie.
32-4597 $ 24.95 ©19 1562511971

U. S. Virgin Islands
Anchor your holiday off the "jewels of the Caribbean" and delight in the riches of the sea. Vestiges of a Danish past contrast with contemporary Caribbean culture of St. Croix, one of the world's most beautiful islands. The island of St. John welcomes you to explore the miles of protected park land and lush tropics. Easy walks or hilly hikes convey you into enchanted forests. Swim in gentle azure waves as the sun sets. On St. Thomas shop for duty-free treasures in the cosmopolitan capital city of Charlotte Amalie. Discover the underwater treasures when you dive deep beneath the ocean's surface.
32-4395 38 min. $ 29.95 ©1992

U.S. Virgin Islands
Experience the stunning mixture of rocky cliffs, turquoise waters, and miles of fine coral sand beaches along these volcanic islands. Discover a fascinating history of pirate tales, sugar plantations, and rum distilleries. Part of the AAA Travel Video Series.
32-4536 60 min. $ 24.95 ©1994 1-56251-198-X

Windward Islands - St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada
Escape to the tranquil beauty of pristine waters, lush foliage, secluded beaches, and quaint old towns. Part of the AAA Travel Video Series.
32-4539 50 min. $ 24.95 ©1995 1-56251-054-1

Acclaimed author and respected consultant Noelle Nelson, Ph.D, has helped attorneys at the nation's top law firms win cases and maximize jury awards. Learn what it takes to prepare for that important litigation and to present yourself and your witness in a credible manner.
32-6629 30 min. $ 24.95 ©1990
32-8171 30 min. $ 24.95 ©1990
32-6628 30 min. $ 24.95 ©1990

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