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Ingredients & Preservation Tips

Food Safety
This important program teaches why safe food handling procedures are essential in the kitchen. Viewers are introduced to dangerous food handling practices and learn why the proper procedures are a must. Demonstrations of proper procedures include avoiding cross contamination of tools and surfaces, hand washing, use of containers that are suited to food storage, how to handle poultry and other "trouble" foods, safe temperature zones for food storage and more. An informative and essential program for everyone who prepares, stores, or consumes meals, snacks, or leftovers.
11-416330 min.$ 79.00©1995 1-56450-275-9

This three-part series is a "must" for the gourmet cook, food stylist or restaurateur serious about garnishing with fruits and vegetables.
Basics11-006750 min.$ 39.95
Basics & Beyond11-006850 min.$ 39.95
zzAdvanced Course11-006950 min.$ 39.95

Victory Garden Recipes: From the Garden to the Table
Marian Morash, who demonstrates vegetable cookery on the celebrated Victory Garden TV program, shares her favorite vegetable recipes. Starting with early spring vegetables, she takes you through the garden's seasons, showing you just how vegetable should look at their peak of ripeness, as well as sharing imaginative techniques for vegetable preparation.
16-005390 min.$ 29.95©1987

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