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Amalia's Special Mexican Dishes... Sonoran Tamales
Amalia Ruiz was born in Tucson, AZ of immigrant parents from Sonora, Mexico. She grew up to learn the joys, smells and trials of traditional sonoran cooking. This will show you every step to preparing authentic sonoran tamales.
11-416430 min.$ 15.00©1997

Basic Mexican Cuisine
Recipes for guacamole, tortilla chips, chile con queso, flan, Mexican rice, chile rellenos and enchiladas.
11-017230 min.$ 14.95©1991

Cocine Con Bajas Grasas
Cocine Con Bajas Grasas, para estar saludable y lucir bien en español. Low fat, low calorie cooking style in Spanish.
11-401736 min.$ 24.95©1994

Guide to Tex-Mex Cooking
Learn the secrets to preparing authentic Tex-Mex chow from expert Jane Butel (author of "Chili Madness" and many other Tex-Mex cookbooks.) She will show you many mouth-watering recipes, including all the basic techniques that are needed to create outstanding Tex-Mex dishes.
11-000485 min.$ 29.95©1985

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